Emotional Stages of Having Curly Hair

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    That's so funny. I got a kick out of the John Freida because I remember when it came out on the infomercials. I ordered it and was surprised that this silicone based product didn't work.

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    I thought that was fabulous!

    I also remember that being so popular. My mom got me the JF serum and it didn't work at all! Surprise, surprise. Lol.

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    Air Dry

    Looking for new products and methods to try!

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    I used it too, it kept me happy as it really did kill the frizz for me (even if my hair looked kinda wet!).
    3b in South Australia.
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    I loved the JF serum... It did work for me but I had to use so much of it that my mum refused to buy it for me cause I was using it up so quickly!
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    It made my hair more frizzy.
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    I used to use the JF serum, too. Totally made my hair looks greasy if I used too much and if I used too little it did nothing. This is of course before I knew my hair wasn't straight.

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    Go Red Wings!

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    Lol...i woke up like this!

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    Leave-In: SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, TN, GVPCB
    Styler: EcoStyler, GF Pure Clean gel, KCCC

    Just discovering my hair likes protein! :dontknow:


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