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This is great. And the girl in the Ford "ad" is a curly!

Ford Trashes Cadillac With Great Parody of 'Poolside' Ad Everyone Hated | Adweek
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    I didn't hate the original ad (mostly because I love Neil McDonough), but the parody is pretty darn awesome (and yes, some awesome hair!).
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    That is a good commercial and fantastic parody.

    I have to admit, I wasn't offended by Cadillac commercial. I felt no need to blog or comment on opinion pieces about it. Like the Jag British Bad Guys commercial, I didn't take it 100% seriously and saw some raw humor in it. I am aware it has and will always be a high dollar American made luxury car, and that only some can afford it. Only some have a need, want or use for it. (Both cars are useless to me). Both companies have outsorced. Ford 100% supported the bailout because they would have went under if other companies did not make use of it and then publicly slammed people for taking it. The auto industry is a mess all the way around, but I appreciate each commercial/parody. One for it's over the top pompous, luxury, nature and the other for being down to earth.

    I am sure the Michigan farmers (like all other famers, not as plentiful as they once were, but still hanging in there) that saw it loved it!
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    I can't say I was so much offended as incredibly annoyed.
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    I've never seen either ad before. The original is seriously corny. It almost seems like a parody.
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