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CurlydominicanaCurlydominicana Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
Hi My name is awilda I been doing the child method for about 3 months so far soo good..I'm looking forward to learning more about my hair and getting it back healthy


  • CurlydominicanaCurlydominicana Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
    Also I just found out I'm a 3b so if ya have any suggestions or tips for my hair care please feel free to let me know ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1395865596.438931.jpg
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    Welcome. I've learned a lot on this sight. My favorite sights are: 1. this website helped my understand what my curls need as far as styling. 2. this helped me know what ingredients are good for my hair. 3. The curls on the go app. I like it because it tells me what to use on my hair based on the dewpoints in my city. As I result, I know that glycerin will dry out my hair year round because my city's weather jumps from extremely hot in the summer to somewhat cold in the winter. But in the spring (thought short lived. Maybe a few weeks) I can use glycerin in moderation. Check out those resources.
  • CurlydominicanaCurlydominicana Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
    Thank you so much I will def. Check these out

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  • itsacandythingitsacandything Registered Users Posts: 7
    Welcome. I'm new too. I love your hair btw. Beautiful.
  • Still_NyaStill_Nya Registered Users Posts: 27
    Welcome to CT ladies! You'll find a wealth of info here. Thanks curlicious for the sites you mentioned. Like most curlies I need all the info I can set my eyes on :tongue3:
    3B--low porosity--high density--fine/medium
    PT: Hello Hydration/coconut oil, Poo: Organix, Condish: Jane Carter, Leave-In: As I Am, CW: Shea Radiance, DT: homemade, Sealant: avocado/jojoba oil, mango butter, Styler: KCCC, Shea Moisture

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