Has anyone ever purchased a car from carmax?

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I was planning on buying a car later this year but due to some unexpected problems with my current car it looks like I'm gonna have to get one sooner...like ASAP. I don't know much about the car buying process and have never bought used before so I'm a little nervous and completely overwhelmed. I found the carmax website and it seems pretty simple. Does anyone have experience working with them? Are prices fair? Thanks in advance for your help


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    Purchased my car from them. The type of car I got for mileage, make and, year was a fair price. Good thing about Carmax, at least when I purchased, my car from Carmax is that that they don't haggle. The price is the price. Also no used cars that ever had any type of front end damage.
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    We purchased two vehicles from them in the past and were very satisfied both times. We had already done our research to determine what we wanted and knew whether the prices were fair, and they were at CarMax. Even though both vehicles were used, there were no surprises after purchasing them and both lasted several years longer. In fact, Mr B had his for about 15 years and just traded it in last year. The most important thing is to do your research up front - not just on pricing, but on how reliable the car is mechanically. You don't want to buy something just because it's affordable and then have to keep pouring money into it on repairs. Good luck - I hope you find something quickly!
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    Use Kelley Blue Book to determine fairness of price. Search Consumer Reports to find out more about a specific make/model. Let your mechanic look it over before you buy. Also ask for the Carfax before you buy. Just useful tips to use regardless of where you purchase.

  • nes223nes223 Posts: 347Registered Users
    Thanks for your replies and tips! I have a lot to think about and research
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    For some reason I read the title of this thread as 'Has anyone ever punched a car from carmax'. I was like o.O WHAT?! Lol.
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    I have sold 2 and was very happy with the outcome. However, I have not bought a car from them, but I know those who have and were very pleased.
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