Light natural products suggestions!!!

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Hello everyone. I'm newly natural and I'm looking for some advice. First of my hair texture is a mix of fine and normal. When my hair dries it's very frizzy!! Even with products. Maybe I'm using the wrong things because my hair is very soft with nothing in it but coconut oil. When I try leave in conditioners and stylers my hair feels coarse. Any suggestions on light natural products? And I have no clue what my curl pattern is. Here are pics of my hair freshly washed with no product at all

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    What sticks out to me is you say when you use products it gets frizzy, but only coconut oil makes it soft. Are you having one of these long and dry winters? You may want to keep an eye on your dew point, if that is the case. If you are using humectants (glycerin in particular) in your products, this can cause your hair to be dry and frizzy. Glycerin draws moisture to itself, so if there's more moisture in your hair than in the outside air, it's going to pull it from your hair. Coconut oil is an anti-humectant, which would protect the loss of moisture from the hair. Something to consider.
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    I live in Texas so the weather fluctuates day to day but thank you for this information, very helpful!!!!

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    You may also want to try mixing your products together then apply them to your hair. My hair gets unbearably crunchy yet kind of frizzy when I layer products on. If I stick to one thing or mix them it gives me much better results.

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    I'll try that today. Thanks!

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    I'm finding just oil and a styler works better than anything else.
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