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One day, I had more **red wine than bananas for a pre-treat, so the wine was used as a rinse after conditioning. Though my hair felt the same, it was defined as if I placed a styler on it. This is after my hair stopped dripping and almost damp. So, I tried it three more times and had two results: well defined hair and shiny.

*I'll continue to use the bananas and wine (red or white) as a pretreat. I like the fact my hair feels stronger and has fewer tangles.

My hair is dark with some grey, and I've had no color change using the homemade rinse. Not sure how this will work with blondes, but I like the results. Will try white wine next.

**cheap red wine was used.
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*experimenting and loving it!


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    I've never heard of this before, I find it very interesting.
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    Presume it is the acidity, my h as a dilute vinegar or lemon juice rinse works for some.
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