ATTN: Old Tresemme Naturals Formula Collectors

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So I have a stash of bottles of the old Tresemme Naturals formula...I just recently bought some of them and I noticed when I smell inside the bottle it smells a bit different..a little more strong than usual...and all my bottles smell like it...and yes, it is the old formula, they all have a white cap and white label....I thought that maybe it was just due to the formulation change and maybe some of the old formula probably got tampered with or something...but then I heard that if a conditioner smells different, that it could mean that they are expired...

The conditioner still works well on my hair, and I don't notice the difference in smell when I am actually using it and my hair doesn't get left smelling like it...I only notice the difference in smell when I just open the bottle and smell it...

Even though it is still working for me, I have started breaking out more than usual so that makes me wonder if it is expired...I just recently bought some of them...but the formula was changed January of last year so who knows how long those conditioners were sitting on the shelves at the store....

I want to keep using it because I still haven't really found a replacement yet and I don't want to have to throw out all 7 bottles that I have.. and I thought that if I use it, I'll just use it only when I'm leaning my head over the tub to re-wet my hair and detanlge..that way it won't touch my skin as much...will it hurt me if I keep using them? Will it do damage to my hair and scalp?

Has anyone else that has been stocking up on the old formula noticed the difference in smell of the conditioner as well??


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    If you're truly worried, I'd suggest contacting Tresemme. There's probably a number on the bottle somewhere that indicates when it was manufactured, even if it's not the typical expiration date you'd find on milk, for instance. Tresemme would be able to tell you if there's a number, where it is, and if that particular bottle is still safe to use.
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    How are you storing the bottles, cool dark dry place or in your warm damp bathroom?
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    Personally, I wouldn't really worry about it unless smell and consistency are way off.
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