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Hello All:

I was wondering if anybody has tried these hair products and their impression of them? They are sold at certain Walgreens and you can order them online. They are not 100% natural BUT the silicone that is used can be removed with coco-betaine/cocomaidopropyl betaine. It seems to have good reviews. I'm especially interested from those who have low porosity hair.
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    I'm low porosity 3c/4a. I tried 3 of the TGIN products:

    Sulfate Free Shampoo
    The shampoo is by far the most moisturizing shampoo I have ever used. I LOVED it. It left my hair feeling clean but not stripped and actually had some slip that allowed me to lightly detangle in the shower.

    Honey Miracle Mask Deep Conditioner
    Loved this too. My hands glided through my hair like butter after deep conditioning with my thermal heat wrap. Curls were poppin lol! My hair loves honey, so this wasn't a surprise.

    Replenishing Conditioner
    Eh, no lol. It moisturized my hair well enough that it didn't disrupt my routine, but it did not perform nearly as well as my other products. I actually gave this away a couple of weeks later.

    If the Walgreens in my area sold this brand, I would definitely repurchase the shampoo and make it a staple, but I don't like relying on the postman for products that I need on a regular basis. For now, I'm only repurchasing the DT only since I rotate that with my other conditioners/shipping time is not an issue.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Thank you. I was going to order it next week at some point. I am excited!!
    Last relaxer: Nov. 24, 2008
    BC: December 19, 2009
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