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Let me start outwith, “I desperately want to love me hair”, however after two years of failedCG success, I’m considering shaving most of it off into a short pixie cut. My hair frustrates me to no end, I’m tired oftrying to hide it in ponytails and buns each day, and I’ve become bittertowards women who either are not prone to frizz or have straight hair.

With that said,let me tell you a little bit about my hair. I’ve come to realize that I have acombination of 2B and 2C hair. However, my hair seems to embody all of thenegative attributes of both hair types. Like many other 2Bs my hair sticksclose to my head, even when layered. Like 2Cs, it has a straight underlayer, isresistant to mousse and gel styling no matter the quantity, and is extremelyfrizzy.

What else I havediscovered about my hair: The strands underneath are soft, frizz free, and ofwhat I would consider normal thickness and density. The strands above areextremely thick (coarse hair with normal density), and frizz prone in humidity(I’m assuming this means I have porous should see me walk out to mycar for a minute on a hot summer day! *Poof*). I have had my hair at variouslengths in two years time (A year ago I tried shoulder length)and have found that my hair is easier to managewhen at bra strap length and with minimal layers (right now there are a just afew at the bottom that I keep well trimmed every month or so). As well, my hair is otherwise healthy and I haven't had major damage since five years ago when I went heat happy.

Products I havetried (before CG and after CG): shampoos(cantu moisture cream shampoo, burts bees baby bee shampoo and wash, garnierfructis, tresemme, suave, gud by burts bees, organix, pantene ), conditioners (garnier fructis triplenutrition conditioner, organix coconut milk conditioner, cantu, VO5 and suave [asco wash], gud by burts bees, burts bees more moisture conditioner with boabob, aussie, yes to carrots, pantene, l'occitanefor dry hair), deep conditioners (havetried maybe two but cannot remember the names or brands for the life of me), leave in conditioners (kinky curly knot today, carols daughter,giovanni, cantu), gels (aussie, LA looks, pantene), mousse (frizz ease, tresemme, suave kids, pantene, and a few others I can't remember), oils (garnier fructis Moroccan oil, olive oil, coconut oil), serums (frizz ease), curl creams ( loreal evercurl, garnierfructis, frizz ease). Also note that I’vetried never to excessively overlap products. I like to give a week or more for results.Those with silicones were eithertried in this last year or before the CG method, along with using a sulfateshampoo maybe once every week.

Methods I havetried: plopping, pineappling, co washing, cold water rinsing, diffusing withmultiple methods (please also know that while I have tried diffusing on and offover a period of two years, I always use heat protectant . Also, in two years Ican count on both hands the number of times I have straightened my hair). Iwash my hair every three to four days depending on my daily activity. I onlyuse a wide tooth comb or my fingers in the shower to detangle my hair (I alwaysmake sure I have conditioner in my hair when I do this). I never brush my hairout of the shower or wring it out. I haven’t used a terry cloth towel in twoyears also, instead relying on microfiber ones (recently got a turbi twist andam in love!...perhaps twisting long hair into this doesn’t enhance wave, but myhair hasn’t responded much to styling anyway).

What has worked: Washingmy hair every three to four days. Using a wide tooth comb or fingers to comb hair in the shower and with conditioner in hair. Pineapple with mousse at night once in awhile (though still frizzy). Cantu Shea leave in. Burts bees baby bee shampoo and wash (co washingwas a fail). Mousse works better than gel. Microfiber towels are great. Rinsinghair with warm water works better than cold.

What I am lookingfor: I just want to be able to wear my hair down without crunch and frizz. Ireally want to make a good impression in the work world (yes, I’m a recentcollege grad) and so far, if my hair isn’t tied up I just look unkempt. Styling products, conditioner suggestions, and other wavy methods are welcome!

P.s. I hope allof this provides anyone who might be able to help with enough information tosuggest something that might help. I tried to be as exhaustive as possible inmy listing (I missed a few because i've forgotten the names). The majority of productstried either leave my hair dry, frizzy, or limp.

Any help is muchappreciated!
Thank you!


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    It looks like you have tried a lot of products. I can see how that would be frustrating. What is your styling routine? Also if you live in a humid climate, try sealing your hair with a anti humectant product. Might help to fight the frizz. I don't live in a humid climate so I can't really suggest products. I use to have a lot of frizz too and I always thought it was because my hair lacked moisture so I over conditioned but it never helped. Maybe try a few protein treatments. I find they help boost my curl formation and definition. Maybe also try a curl boosting cream under the mouse. I find most mouses useless unless they have some sort of hold, most don't though. Products with more hold like gel will help keep the frizz tamed, in my opinion. Look for anti humectant gel, and scrunch the crunch when dry. Goodluck
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    Currently, I have no real styling routine. I hate to admit that I'm on my way to giving up. What I do try to do however is keep my hair healthy.

    I wash it every three days or so and use a leave in out of the shower. I do this generally at night. I then put my hair high on my head for bed and when I take it out in the morning I put it in a bun, braid, or pony tail.

    I know you don't have any product suggestions for antihumectants, but do you know if they are all similar to serums? The one serum I have used often leaves me hair feeling dry (frizz ease).

    I'm curious to look further into antihumectants though. Thank you for the suggestion.

    As for curl creams, I haven't used them in some time and honestly can't remember if I have used them under a mousse. It's definitely worth a try though. I will have to do my homework.

    For gels...they seem to weigh my hair down. Maybe I just haven't tried the right one just yet though?

    Thank you again. I'll take any suggestions and I'm certainly not afraid to try something new!
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    Are you taking your dew points into consideration? What's worked for me for frizz is....
    - not using glycerin in anything when dews are low
    - put my leave-in in my hair when it's soaking and dripping wet and scrunching it in.
    - Kinky Curly Curling Custard I couldn't live without! I scrunch that in after my leave-in.
    - Flip head up real fast, place curls, and then scrunch with flour sack towel to get excess water out.
    - Air dry or diffuse (I mostly diffuse since it's been cold). Plopping leaves me with tons of frizz and weird curls.

    If I have crunch, I flip my head upside down when dry or mostly dry and scrunch it out. Sometimes I scrunch with 2 sprays of SM Elixir.

    Maybe you can pick something out of here to help you out.
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    STYLER: CJ Curl Queen
    COLOR: henna, amla & indigo
    :thumbdown:: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens

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