Cones without "-cone?"

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Okay, I thought the surefire way to determine a cone was to look for words that had "-cone" at the end. But then I was reading on here the other day and someone mentioned a cone that didn't have "cone" anywhere in it! Am I smoking crack? I can't find it now.
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    -xane's are the sneaky cones, and they're particularly evil when it comes to build up. Cylcopentasiloxane is the most common one.
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    :lol: well you might have been smoking crack but they're are cones that don't end in cone or xane even, that phenyl tremwhatseecallit (I remember because of the phenyl in front of it), demithiconol (someone correct me if I got it wrong, I remember the ending)
    hmm that's all I can remember for now that don't end in cone. They do this just to fool us but man my hair knows if it gets something it doesn't like
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