Zinc and DHT Blocking in Hair Loss

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It seems everytime I try to learn more about supplements and hair loss, the harder it gets to understand. I was just reading a bunch of articles about using Zinc as a DHT blocker to reduce hair loss and the information almost seemed to contradict itself, until you read enough.

This is what I believe I understand. Zinc supplementation when used in moderation increases testosterone modestly. Its effects on DHT levels are mostly dependent on your body's production of DHT. If you are overproducing, it tends to bring levels down slightly. If your body is underproducing DHT, it tends to increase the levels slightly. In other words, it balances levels of DHT more than blocks them.

Since I am losing hair, I tend to believe I have elevated levels of DHT, so with a little luck zinc would help reduce my DHT levels slightly and maybe slow down hair loss. I do not think using it alone would have much effect on hair loss, at least from what I have read.

I suspect that is why products like, Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth, 60 Vegetarian Capsules (Pure Formula for Thicker, Longer, and More Vibrant Hair): Health & Personal Care, use a variety of vitamins aloing with the zinc. I know the B vitamins are supposed to help, and saw palmetto looks promising from what I have read.

I found the most curious information I found about zinc on a bodybuilding forum. There was a debate going on that taking zinc would reduce your sex drive and exercise motivation, while others claimed it was the exact opposite. I guess the idea that it works as a balancing agent supports their debate. It would raise DHT for some and lower it for others.

One article I read even pointed to the fact that overdosing on zinc could result in increasing hair loss, but that would require some very heavy supplementation, not like in the natural supplements I am trying. DHT blocking works, but zinc alone does not appear to be the answer.


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    What do doctors say is the cause of your hair loss?

    You can take vitamin and/or mineral tablets but if the main cause is due to medication, a disease, genes or hormones taking them may slow it down but won't stop it.