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There are two fitness seasons for me. There is gym season, when it is colder than heck in the late fall, winter, and early spring, and then there is outdoor fitness season. I enjoy the gym, but I prefer getting outdoors when possible, but there is one thing I miss from the gym, the elliptical.

In the summer I walk, run, ride bike, and do a few cross-fit workouts to stay in shape, but I try to stay out of the gym when possible. On rainy days, I scamper back into the gym to use the ellipticals. I thought about getting a machine for home, but that defeats the purpose of getting outdoors.

My gym where I go for cross-fit sessions just added something totally cool, the Free-Cross. It is an elliptical machine that actually moves. You stand on it and do your workout and it moves around the park, down the sidewalk, or around the parking lot while you exercise. I do not think it is quite as effective as the expensive machines in the gym, but it is awesome for getting outdoors.

This is a machine I would love to have for my summer workouts. I have not found out the price yet, but I did send a message to the crew at Gym Source to find out. They have a lot of great equipment for gyms and home gyms, but I really want that Free-Cross.

I am trying to imagine how all the strange looks I will get exercising on the elliptical bike. Of course, that might be the most fun part of having one. I might check with my regular gym and see if they will let me use it on their indoor track next winter, too. That would be incredible.

I doubt I will give up my cross-fit sessions a couple times per week, but my bicycle may get a lot less use this summer if I can get one of those cool ellipticals.
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