Dyeing yarn twists?

synbreesynbree Posts: 5Registered Users
I just installed some completely white yarn locs thinking it was a good idea to just dye them myself. However, I'm not seeing many methods online about dying these when they're already in your hair. Any suggestions, or am I hopeless?

Also, I used acrylic yarn.


  • cheesycurlscheesycurls Posts: 16Registered Users
    Acrylic yarn does not dye very easily because its structure has very little water content to hold it in as compared to wool. Most dye box instructions for textiles tell you this. The best you will get with your locksis a very, very pale watery shade.

    You can either sport the white locks as they are, take them out and put in coloured acylic ones, or put in white natural fibre locks then dye them, or dye them before putting them in.

    As for what dyes to use if you still want to dye your locks (if you do decide to put in natural fibre locks), you can use coffee, tumeric, henna and other things, such as beetroot. Beetroot and other stuff you can find on the kitchen can be fixed (made to stay longer) by using alum, but that might affect your hair....

    In short, I think you're stuck with the white locks.....

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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