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Zippytatiana9Zippytatiana9 Registered Users Posts: 134
I got the Moisture. Retention shampoo(yellow line) literally 20 minutes ago. I was looking for the Curl&Shine (pink line) but it wasn't there so I just picked this up. I got the masque from the same line and didn't like it on my hair at all! I just wanted to know has anybody had experience with this shampoo? And if you've used the masque before did the shampoo behave like the masque?
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    I've used both shampoos. I personally prefer the Moisture Retention shampoo. The Curl&Shine shampoo doesn't fit my needs. They are both great shampoos and I absolutely love SheaMoisture. It's just that with the Moisture shampoo I can feel better results.

    I also have tried the SheaMoisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist and absolutely love it. With the exception of washing my hair, I prefer to use it instead of water. Whenever I need to refresh my curls or they need more moisture I'll spray it on. To me it's way better than water because water sometimes sucks the moisture out of my hair if I don't seal it in with a product, and it makes my hair frizzy. The thing about it, though, is that water is free and the moisture mist is $10, so I haven't used the mist in a while even though I love it so much.
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  • ashlyndmarieashlyndmarie Registered Users Posts: 211
    That's my favorite shampoo..It cleanses well and I can even detangle with it.

    I absolutely hate that deep treatment masque. It's too thick and just sits on my hair, even with heat. I didn't bother to add olive oil tho like some suggest to give it better slip.

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    The MR shampoo made my hair super dry for some reason. The C&H shampoo was pretty awesome. My hair HATED the masque.. it left my hair way overconditioned and flat. I guess it did it's job though! :)
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    Love the curl and shine shampoo and conditioner and the moisture retention one. I think I like the C&S a lil better though.

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    The Curl&Shine shampoo personally leaves my hair really dry, so I like the Moisture Retention one better.
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    I'm trying the moisture retention masque. Putting it in my hair, it seemed to absorb well & I was able to detangle with it. Great slip. I think my hair is somewhat responding to it because I'm LONG overdue for a deep condition. Thought I'd try a masque. My BFF has been ranting and raving about it when she was natural.

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