What is my hair type?

Jeru28Jeru28 Registered Users Posts: 6
I try to condition my hair every day. I just towel dry i dont style or comb my hair out. i dont mess with my hair at all really. my hair seems to clump together in certain spots. I wasnt able to take a good picture of the back of my head. I showered prior to taking these

20140316_140850.jpg top

20140316_133926.jpg right

20140316_145348.jpg left


  • Jeru28Jeru28 Registered Users Posts: 6
    20140316_133920.jpg another picture of the right side of my hair.
  • dixygirldixygirl Banned Users Posts: 279
  • CGSince2002CGSince2002 Banned Users Posts: 1,073
    No, except for wavy hair, when short curly hair looks straighter that it really is, I say it's really 3C.

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