what is my hair type pretty please? and advice please

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This is not my first time trying to grow it out, but it is my first time trying to care for it. The other times I would just wash and go. That lead to frizzy poofy out of control hair.
I have been staying away from shampoos and going with cowashing. I have been using a generous amount of coconut oil every night before bed with a shower cap. I also have been using regular conditioner as a leave in.
I wanna make a go at this but I don't want to look like my dads frizzy high school picture. Lol. Any advice would be wonderful!


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    I think you have 2C or 3A hair.
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    Nice waves! I was reading an article last night about type of curls not really mattering so much but the condition, porisity, and maybe density of it. Since you are a man with short hair it's bound to be very healthy so you don't really need to put a lot of stuff on your hair (lucky you!). IMO, it seems that what you're doing is working well for you! :icon_smile:
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