Comparison: As I am vs Tresemme Naturals

curlicious13curlicious13 Posts: 1,632Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Can tresemme naturals be compared to the As I Am cowash? While I love the as I am cowash & leave in, I'm on a budget & looking for a cheaper cowash to the As I Am cowash.


  • NayaMooreNayaMoore Posts: 60Registered Users
    The As I am is better than the new formula of Tresemme naturals but isn't nearly as good as the old formula. Though they barely sell it in stores, the old formula has a white top while the new one has a black top & black label.

    I'm currently using As I am for cowashing since Tresemme is hard to find. It's great but I hate that it's in a jar. These are the only conditioners so far that worked well for my hair. As I am is worth the money IMO, I get a lot of uses out of it
  • ashlyndmarieashlyndmarie Posts: 211Registered Users
    In terms of cowashing they both work the same for my hair.... in fact the only thing that would make me choose one over the other was price.

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