Yes to Cucumbers color protection conditioner?

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Yes to Cucumbers Color Protection Conditioner
If you have used this, thoughts?
I bought the YTC sulfate free shampoo and the conditioner came with it for free. Not a bad deal! But my hair is so frizz prone and l live in an area with with year round high dews that the glycerin and aloe make me nervous. I know the only way I will know for sure is to try it, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
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    It makes my type 2 hair flat, but it may help with frizz.
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    It's pretty light, I don't like it as well as the Blueberries.
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    How are you going to use it?? If it's your rinse out, the glycerin and aloe shouldn't be as much of an issue as if you use it as your leave in.
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    kathymack wrote: »
    How are you going to use it?? If it's your rinse out, the glycerin and aloe shouldn't be as much of an issue as if you use it as your leave in.
    I use my RO as a LI, so that is why I am concerned. They are lower on the ingredient list, so we'll see...
    If it's bad, not too much of a loss since I got it for free
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    In Holland they still sell the 'old' version of this, and I like this one a lot! I can use it either as a co-wash, rinse out or a leave-in.

    It's pretty light, so it's probably best for fine hair.
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    For whatever reason this stuff made my hair limp and unhappy. So did the new yes to carrots. But the blueberry one is perfect. I have a very sneaky suspicion that my hair hates both Aloe and Glycerin because of where I live (a dry climate). If both are in the lower part of the ingredients list I can get away with it but the higher concentrations are a nightmare for me.

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