Recommendations for the best flat twist video please

coracora Registered Users Posts: 456
Hi all,

I'm very style challenged. When I had 14 inches of hair I could barely do a puff (I kid you not). Now that I'm short again I'd like to learn some tricks so I don't get bored and do stupid things to my hair (henna is the devil).

In your opinion, who has the best flat twist video on Youtube? And when I mean best, I mean best at breaking things down for those of us who just can't seem to do hair. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


  • QtBoutiqueQtBoutique Registered Users Posts: 121
    Maria Antoinette


    Check out my YouTube channel! Please and thank you! :happy7:

    For more detailed info, here's the blog!
  • coracora Registered Users Posts: 456
    Thanks, I'll go look her up.

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