Fly aways and Unruly Clumps?

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Hi everybody,

Soooo, my hair looks great...on the bottom. The top however, it needs some help. There are these time where I stare at my hair and think, "if I could run a brush or a comb or any hair utensil for that matter through my hair, then it wouldn't look like this." So my main question is how do I keep my hair cohesive and not have all these odd frizzy fly aways. Another big problem I have are these two clumps of hair on the sides of head. Those sections are like 3C but the rest of my hair is in between 3A/3B. I really dislike that, any help? Thanks a million :)
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    One of the things that really help me (and I'm a low-porosity girl myself) is using some oil on frizzy parts of my hair (i.e. top of my head and my ends) after I've styled them. In my case, this locks in the moisture and helps preventing my hair from getting overly frizzy.

    There's more things that factor in though, i.e. how humid the weather is or isn't and I'm still learning to work around that myself.
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    I'm always battling frizz but I find that what helps me is to put my products on soaking wet hair. Also touching your hair as little as possible while it is drying (or EVER) will help prevent frizz. If you are using gel which I try not to use but that's just me, I'd recommend gives good hold without getting overly hard.
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    I agree with what has been said. I have 3c/4a hair & I have crazy frizz. I use gel. I don't like curl creams (no hold & I restyle every other day.) or custards (custards leave me with residue).

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