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(This is probably going to be a memoir... I apologize in advance!)

I have been lurking around Naturally Curly for a while. I went CG about a month ago in an effort to reign in my unruly hair but am in need of some advice.

Some background: I have type 3a hair, large ringlets and smaller s-curls, it's fine, densely packed, low-normal porosity (it's been evaluated), straightens very easily, the curls can be smoothed out easily (into a frizzy mess), when wet it's nearly straight or slightly wavy with the curls coming in as water drips off, and unfortunately I have straightened it for the greater part of the last decade.

After moving from North Texas to North Carolina about a year and a half ago, I started experiencing a hair texture/behavior change. While I did straighten my hair a lot, it always bounced back. I know that I have heat damage, but I wouldn't classify my hair as "fried." When I moved, I noticed my hair becoming more frizzy, coarse, dry, and loosing a lot of curl. I am almost positive it is due to hard water, but I could be wrong.

Going CG has yielded some results, but I vacillate between weighed-down and limp (with huge "wave" clumps- like 3-4 large clumpy waves) vs. dry and frizzy (with little to no curl definition).

Currently, I am using: Suave Naturals Coconut for co-washing, GVP Conditioning Balm for detangling, Kinky Curly Knot Today for leave in, and Aussie Instant Freeze for hold. I was using KY water-based lube (ha!) in place of Curl Keeper, but have stopped because it seemed to strip all of the moisture from my hair while also rendering it a gummy mess at the same time.

I feel like I can't strike an optimal medium with my hair. It has also been tangling really easily since starting CG, but I think it's because of cutting out silicones. The most odd thing is that I can't seem to get second day hair at all, which was not an issue before when using traditional sulfate/silicone products.

I still think that CG is a worthy method and want to get my curls back into a healthy state. Is this transitioning? How do fellow curly girls deal with hard water? Again, I don't want to give up on this, but I am getting frustrated. I see potential in the fact that my hair is doing something, so I guess that's a plus. Any ideas of what I could do differently?


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    It does just sound like maybe your hair is still in the transitioning phase? But maybe it could do with a cleanse the help it along? I use cider vinegar in my hair to remove any build up (it also has conditioning properties too) I know using a vinegar sounds strange but it does work and once the hair is dry you can't smell it at all. I just mix equal parts vinegar and water and pour it over my head in the shower when my hair is wet. I then try to make sure it gets to the scalp and massage a bit, then rinse quickly. You could also try using some baking soda, just mix 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water and massage your scalp with it a bit, then rinse. I would also maybe try playing around with the conditioner you are using as perhaps it is too heavy for your hair, I use Tresemme Naturals which i really like. Your hair will probably just settle down with time though, these are just things to try to make transitioning a bit more pleasant! :)
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    maybe try a low poo from time to time. maybe only cowashing is weighing down your fine hair?
    also, kc knot today is not really a conditioner, it is a detangled and is not very moisturizing. so maybe change that?
    and, you don't say what your routine is. what kind of towels are you using? depending on the hair, plopping might make frizz. drying it too dry with a towel or plopping can make frizz.
    for those large clumpy waves -- after your hair is dry you can break up the clumps, using end of a comb or clip to divide them. don't touch them while your hair is wet.

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    I have hard water and have the same problems you seem to be having. The only cowash/no poos I can use are DevaCurl No Poo and Kiss My Face Whenever conditioner, because they both contain coco betaine that cleanses the hair while I cowash. The KMF is much cheaper and you should be able to find that at any health food store. That might be something to look for in ingredients if you wish to keep cowashing. If I cowash exclusively I get weighed down and have buildup that makes my hair feel dry. Also, are you watching your dew points when using products that contain glycerin? I assume the weather is completely different as well.

    I disagree with KCKT not being moisturizing - I love it, and it has really saved my hair this winter.

    I also would not suggest baking soda or apple cider vinegar for clarifying.
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    As soon as I got to the part of you using a Suave CO I practically felt no need to read any further. When I was a regular here many years ago it seemed that whenever a new CGer was having problems with the routine, especially where water was a bit hard, Suave was usually the culprit... and apparently some things never change. So my advice to you is to ditch the Suave... I've found that the of the 3 cheapest CO brands, V05 is less troublesome and I still use about 3 different ones.

    On a hunch, I also did a search for the ingredients of your Aussie gel... and was not surprised at all to see that the 2nd ingredient is a "polyquat", another culprit for build-up.

    If you experimented with KY jelly due to it's high glycerin content, then I'd recommend LA Looks Wet Look gel instead, it's very inexpensive and easily available (I get mine at Walmart), it's been one of my "holy grails" for quite a few years now, and who knows, it might do the trick for you as well.

    A more natural alternative that is even easier to rinse out is FOTEAVG (Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel) mixed with a tiny bit of honey (depending on how much gel you need it could be from a few drops to 1/8 tsp.), I recommend not going to heavy on the honey from the start as it can give you an impossible to break crunch... This combo, when properly balanced, will give you nice curls and hold and leave your hair shiny. Note: works better when diffuse drying.

    Also, the LOC advice (you can find it in a search here if you don't know what it is) is a very good one to avoid frizz.

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