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hello lovely curly girls!

I`m so happy to be now a member of this great board! Got a lot of good recipes, tips and how to`s.
I found the cg method over pinterest and was sooooo happy to found it. it opend my eyes how bad i treated my curls/hair. since i was 13 i really woke up and had soooo much curls in my hair. For the first time, i was loving it, because i had so much hair and volume. Then, i got into hair dye and straighten my hair very often. i loved the colour cherry red/bright red forever and wanted it so bad! for a a while i wore black hair because of my boyfriend, who liked it a lot, but not me. As soon as i could, i would got rid of the black colour. My hair is naturally dark brown with some reddish shimmer in the sunlight. so, i bleached my hair again and again until i got to my desired red hair and still love it that much! bleaching is sadly very damaging to my hair, i got splitted ends and my hair has no shine at all. A long time ago, i`d cared for my hair with silicon-free shampoo and conditioner, but straighten it anyway. i hated my curls, i rarely let my hair dry naturally, because of the huge frizz i got then. i tried some hair care lines for curly hair but they dont worked.

now, that i discovered the cg method i imediatly began with it. Its 2 weeks since the last sulfate-shampoo wash, and i tested some products. i can handle it to wash my hair only with conditioner, as i have a very dry scalp and hair. I need a lot of conditioner every wash and leave some in. Also i took some oils to mix it with my conditioner and leave it on for about 15 Minutes or longer, depends on time that i have (i`m a mommy)
i think, my hair is a 2c, maybe a 3a sometimes, my curls need a good cut and i`m still testing with products.
As i have red hair, i have to bleach my hair. I always take affinage bred with a 6 procent peroxid. My hair got not very much lighter, about 4 shades or so. I dont need more than that, but the damage is there. And because i love the red hair so much i dont want to quit on it. So, i hope my curls coming back, even because of the bleach. it looks good so far, but can be more (I`m just impatient lol)

last but not least, i`m a swiss curly girl and love to hear from others around here. I go a lot of trouble with products, since the postage is so high when i was on search for the products they recommend here on naturallycurly. I`d love to hear, from good haircare that i can afford, or tips where i can order. or anything diy will do its job, i like to make things myself :flower:

so lets see what the cg method will do for me in the near future :blob7:
medium density, medium-high porosity, 2c/3a Curls, bright cherry red, growing out damage

low-poo: Sante shampoo brillant jojoba care
treatments: diy PT`s
Conditioner/leave-in: TBS Rainforest Condi`s & pure gelatin
styling: 4naturals spring back curling custard
SOTS with a tiny little bit of coconut oil

*don`t like polyquats, glycerine, silicones & too much oil



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