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After basically ignoring my hair for quite some time (go college!) I am looking to start really taking care of it. My scalp was flaking and peeling like crazy which led to research, which led to the revelation it might be my cheapo sulfate ridden shampoo, which led me to the curly girl method.

I had already bought my first round of new shampoo and conditioner before I discovered CG so currently I'm working on a bottle of EverPure shampoo and EverCurl conditioner, which unfortunately seem to have silicones. I'm looking for suggestions (drugstore brands please, Deva seems wonderful but I'm gonna need to save for it for a while) on a suitable shampoo, conditioner, and mousse. If anyone knows of an approved hairspray that would rock as well. Also investing in satin pillowcases in the near future!

I just washed my hair with the stuff I have and let it air dry properly after plopping for about 10 minutes and my hair looks lovely today. Excited to see what no silicones adds to the formula!

I have mid back length color treated 2a/b hair with high density and medium porosity.

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