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I've been reading a lot of good things about aloe vera gel. It supposedly does wonders for curly hair, making me curious enough to try it. Does anyone here use it? What are your thoughts on it?

I'm not sure which brand/kind to get. I've read mixed reviews about Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel regarding the ingredients. I'm thinking about ordering Optima Organic Aloe Vera 99.9% Gel. Does anyone have experience with this one?
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    Wrong place to post in but yes I've used aloe vera gel in the past as it's a humectant. So if your hair likes ingredients like glycerin it is likely to work.

    I've just used brands I've found in health shops which claim to be around 99% pure.
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    I am also using Aloe Vera Gel by Aubrey Organics. Since I am new in the CG/Natural curly I cannot really say if it helps.
    I use it mixed with water and some Deve OneC for my 2nd, 3rd (sometimes 4th) day hair - so at least, it does not harm it ;)

    Good Luck!
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