Changing to natural organic ingredients! Advice please!

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Hi all! So about 3 weeks ago I decided to change an throw away all those chemical based products. I purchased shea moisture, I've been using honey and olive oil as a leave in and i do not use shampoo (until my dr.bronner's soap arrives) i use baking soda. I want to purchase other things but saving up money. I need some advice to other natural ingredients..i dont think the honey is working on my hair. I have a lottt of hair, yet thin and i have damaged hair from bleaching it and heat. Its curly..but some parts get frizzy! (Fwi: I hve puerto rican and dominican roots). Any advice or ideas would be great! Thanks! -Chabs


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    Hello Chabs! I am doing the same here! It is hard but worth it, my hair has never been better.
    I am a 3b/3c and my hair doesn't like honey either. It likes olive oil and coconut oil. I do the loc system as much as possible and it is really helping keeping my hair moisturized.
    I pre-poo with a banana-olive oil based pre-poo recipe that you can find on naturally curly. I mean i do not shampoo anymore but only condition.
    As i couldn't find any rinse out conditioner recipes i keep on buying mine but comparing all the ingredients with a list i have found online of ingredients bad for you.
    And they have to be as much organic as possible too. I have only found 3 of them so far.
    Something i am very excited about and will try very soon is the apple vinegar rinse (be sure to put enough water or your hair will hate it) and flaxseed gel.
    My curls need definition or get frizzy and i hadn't found a curl definer yet.
    I just started doing my own products a little bit over a month ago...
    I will try and get the flaxseeds today :)!
    How are your research for recipes doing? Have you find a good regimen for you already?
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    For the future when you want to purchase products, I highly recommend Sevi Vegan Bodycare. Most of her ingredients are organic, and she uses essential oils to scent, instead of synthetic fragrance. Most products make me a bit itchy, hers are just about the only ones that don't. I love her pumpkin seed line.
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