Stylers for Type 3 Hair?

CurlyWriter24CurlyWriter24 Posts: 4Registered Users
Hi! I'm having some trouble finding the 'right' styling poducts for my 3b hair. I hate thick gels because they weigh my fine hair down, but mousses are too light. I HATED Eco Styler because it gave me a jheri curl look. Can anyone suggest light gels or curl creams? Does Aloe Vera give a soft hold? I would use a styler with it, such as the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Should I try KCCC? I adore the Leave In, but KCCC seems finnicky and a little pricey. Is Herbal Essence Set Me Up Spray Gel okay? I hate crunchy curls. Hopefully something with all natural ingedients since my hair is Low Po. I also hate rewetting daily and getting 2nd or 3rd day hair would be awesome! Thanks.
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    A lot of people like flaxseed gel, or okra gel with xanthan gum if extra hold is required. If you don't want to DIY there is Sweet Curls Elixirs on Etsy.
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    I just bought some flax seed gel from Sweet Curls Elixirs on etsy and I LOVE it! I had her add PVP to it for a little extra hold. It makes my hair so voluminous and shiny, defines really well. I just put some Tressemme naturals in as a LI then that & I'm good to go. My curls have been so springy which I never really get from 'normal' gels.
  • CurlyWriter24CurlyWriter24 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Thanks all! I'm actually not fan of Flaxseed Gel, but thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll revisit someday...
    3b Mid Back Length Curls
    Low Porosity- High Density- Fine Strands

    Currently Finding HGs and Routine.
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    I hated fsg but found that okra gel (mine is also from Sweetcurls) was amazing. I also like kccc but it does take some experimenting.
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    I've been using Mop Top's Curly Hair Custard for about five months now and I absolutely love it. A little goes a very long way, and although it does have a bit of a learning curve, I found that using it on wet hair, and then combing the hair a little after putting the product in works miracles for me. I get great hold & beautiful curl definition without too much crunch or shrinkage. :)
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    I am really into KCCC, la looks, and I am very much enjoying my Organix mousse because I have fine hair- so the mousse isn't as heavy.
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    I really like the shea moisture curling soufflé along with the milk. I haven't tried it with other products yet.

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