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I have a hair color appt. next Tuesday with a women who specializes in curly girls. I know I want to have my grays covered at the very least. I have gray scattered throughout my hair, but I have an abundance of gray at the temples and at the crest of my part at the hair line.

When should I DT before the color and HOW should I DT? My last DT was almost 2 years ago at a Ouidad salon, but I'm FAR AWAY from that salon.

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    If you want or need to DT, I would do it now, so you'll wash out any excess residue at least once before the color next week. As far as how, just wash hair and apply DT to clean wet hair. Cover with a plastic cap, then a heat cap or hot towel, and let it set for 20+ min. And good luck with the coloring next week. :)
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