How do I get what I want???

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I have a picture, and I have seen the haircut in person. How do I get my stylist to cut it correctly? I prefer it long and don't want to lose my length growing out a bad haircut. image.jpg

So what do I tell my stylist about this cut?


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    I don't know what your own cut looks like, so it's going to be a little hard for me to give some sound advice...

    But, what I usually tell my hairdressers (when I go to a new one, that is) is that I've had bad experiences with scissor-happy hairdressers in the past, and that I would prefer to have whatever cut I'm getting to be a little longer than what they envision because of shrinkage. I mostly insist on them cutting off only about an inch of my hair (when pulled down).
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    bring that photo.
    good advice about preferring it longer due to shrinkage (better if they can cut it dry).
    here's a great thread that could be of some help. it was started by a stylist:

    What Should I Tell My Stylist?

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