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Anyone happen to know if KCKT is color-safe? I've been doing a water-only routine for about 6 weeks now (minus one shampoo at the hair salon for a trim/blow-out) in hopes of it helping my scalp issues but it seems just as bad if not worse. I was thinking of trying to add a co-wash once a week to see if that helped with removing build-up but my hair is colored and I had liked KCKT in the past and wouldn't mind re-visiting it if it didn't remove the color from my hair. Thanks!:wav:
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    Knot Today pH 7, hair on average likes pH ~4.5 but damaged/ non virgin hair tends to prefer lower. I wouldn't use it as is on my dyed hair nor on a picky scalp (pH ~5.5).

    What is the medical diagnosis for your scalp issue? In SD the major irritant is oleic acid from your own sebum as well as released by the malassezia yeast.

    If you are still dying your hair you are regularly damaging the skin barrier and upsetting the balance of 'good' and 'bad' flora on the scalp.

    Diet is also relevant in regulating the amount and composition of your sebum Water only is supposed to be allowing your body to function naturally but most westerners live a lifestyle that is anything but how we evolved to live.
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    I use KCKT a few times a week on my colored hair and have had no issues with the color. I use a permanent color. I love the product.

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