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Hello, everyone I'm 15 years old and this is my first year transitioning. It have been 1/2 months. I started Feb. 17. and March 17 it will be a month. I been taking pills that make my hair grow quick.

I need help. Every times I wash my hair it get very dry. I put water in my hair whenever I style it. I also need more hairstyles. I do bantu knots and flat twist. I do not use rubber bands unless I'm washing my hair.

Kids at school do bully me about my hair but idc.


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    Are you using any moisturizers?? After washing your hair it might beinefit your hair to try the L.O.C method by applying a leave-in conditioner, an oil of your choice, and a heavy cream moisturizer (in that order). I use this technique every time I wash my hair since I began my transition and now I am approaching 11 months post.
    Also between washes don't forget to moisturize whenever your hair feels like it.
    If you hair feels brittle, dry, and breaks off easily you might need protein. So it would benefit you to use a protein treatment like the Aphogee 2 min Reconstructer (my favorite) to restore the protein in your hair to strengthen it.

    Hope I helped :wave:
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    Minnie, screw the haters! Bullies are insecure jealous people.

    I was bullied a lot at your age for my hair. It was chemically treated and very unhealthy. I didn't know how to care for it and when you are still a child usually you have to do what your parents say so my options were limited. But I was also teased for speaking correct English, making good grades, being a virgin, taking college prep courses, being involved in a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities and so much more. Actually the girls teasing me for being a virgin were teen moms with deadbeat baby daddies. Really they were mad because their bfs liked me and I couldn't care less. I have seen photos of some of my bullies and let's just say time hasn't been kind to them.

    Transitioning and getting to know your hair is a difficult process but stay strong because it is worth the end result. I will tell you the same people who had something nasty to say when I bc'ed are the ones who now ask me for hair advice. I mix some TN conditioner in my bottle for daily water spritz. For me water alone is not as effective. Prepooing can lessen the dryness from shampooing. Also you should try using an oil after you use a water based moisturizer.
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    I really don't know much yet about transitioning its been 1/2 month. I have many good products I can use at home.
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    As you experiment with products, pay attention to which ones work for you. You'll most likely notice similarities in the ingredients. Learning what your hair likes and doesn't is a big factor in successful transitioning.

    Do you have a set amount of time you are planning to transition? I only transitioned for 9 months and that was 5 years ago so I don't have much style suggestions. I wore Senegalese twists(braids broke my hair off). Go on youtube and search transitioning hairstyles, that should give you quite a few ideas.

    Good luck hun!
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    What kind of products do you have at home? If we know, we might be able to help you out with suggestions based on that! :)

    Do you use any conditioners, moisturizers, styling products aside from water?

    Anyhow, I totally agree with the pre-pooing idea! That could help prevent your hair from getting overly dry from washing it. This article (Link) has some good & simple advice on pre-pooing. I'd opt for oil that you can find in your local grocery store before attempting conditioners. This, because oils are (on average) cheaper than good conditioners.

    It is also worthwhile to get acquainted with the products your using. That way you can find out what works for you and what doesn't, just like Frostiilove said. Read the ingredients and look them up on the internet to find out exactly what it is that you're putting into your hair. I guess you could say that it is kind of like a process by elimination. It'll take time, but your tresses will be all the happier for it in the end!

    Best of luck with transitioning!!
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