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Hi everyone! My almost 7 month old son is a baby curly. He has started to curl up some. Mostly very frizzy/fuzzy waves that turn into curls with proper moisture.

I have just started to implement more of a mod cg for him. I have been using California Baby Calming Conditioner for his cowash and rinse out and Totlogic Leave in conditioner spray. I believe the TotLogic product has amodimethicone in it but it is my understanding that silicone can be removed without sulfate. I have noticed an overall difference in his curl without anything in it towards more defined curl, however it is still quite frizzy. When I put the leave in conditioner it curls right up and the curls are defined however it only lasts for an hour or so in the back. I am thinking he needs something a bit more moisturizing. I am going to finish off my current products before I buy anything new. I believe his hair is 3b but it is difficult to tell at this point.

I have another quick question though: I have some of the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. Having read the label the ingredients appear very natural. Would it be ok to try this conditioner on him and see if his hair responds? Or if not which ingredients are considered not child safe? I know Shea Moisture has a kids line but I have not seen in in stores around here! What is the difference in the kids line that makes it kid friendly? Or is it just marketing?

Other products I am thinking about trying are Mixed Chicks kids, Curly Q, It's a Curl..etc. But one thing at a time!


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    I would avoid all silicones except water soluble ones (ppg or peg) unless you plan to use sulfates to wash his hair. Cowashing will not remove silicones. Silicones lock out moisture from the hair & could be causing his frizz. Or his hair may not like the products you're using on his hair. Seeing that he's 7 months old, me might benefit from more cowashing with silicone free conditioners with an occasional shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. After you finish what you have, try coconut oil, suave tropical coconut conditioner to cowash & a cream styler with light hold such as organic root stimulator twist & lock gel.
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    The products except the coconut oil are budget friendly. I'm on a budget so I love these. 😉
  • CoconutheadCoconuthead Registered Users Posts: 17
    So it is ok then to use some products not designated for babies and children?

    The reason I asked about the amodimethicone is I read it could maybe be washed out with products containing coco betaine.

    As far as the coconut oil what kind of treatment would you recommend with it? Use it as a deep conditioner? I have used it in the past to help with cradle cap.

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