Big Chop Again! :)

NaturalShaeNaturalShae Registered Users Posts: 1
this is my second time doing the big chop
guys look at me like im a guy sometime when i first did the big chop back in 2013 i was depressed and my hair was damaged do to relaxer's and hair dye and hair bleach i didn't know what color my hair was cause i dyed it so much this is my first post :) i wash my hair every week i use shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo,aunt jackie's in control conditioner,cantu shea butter leave in conditioner,africa best herbal oil my grandparents was upset with me cause i had cut all my hair off the first time but i didn't care im not missing out on no guy there are time's were i miss haveing long hair and i throw a wig on lol there are times were i don't care about being bald too some of the ladies that shaved there hair off good luck with you're goal ^^

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