Should I chop?

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Ive been transitioning for 6 months but my hair doesnt process very well so only like 3-4 inches of my hair came out straight and the rest was very under processed (texlaxed? ) Now that I have new growth my hair (3c) is literally curly, then straight, then curly again. It looks very silly and breaks from the straight part. I can't manage the three textures. Should I just chop?


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    It's your decision and nobody can tell you what you 'should' do. If you're saying you can't manage your hair as it is, then I think the answer is obvious :) do what's right for you and what you feel comfortable with
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    The only other possible choice, if you really don't like your hair as it is, is keeping it always in a bun or something until it grows out enough for you to big chop without having hair too short. But if it's breaking where it's straight, I think you already have your answer. :/ unless you cut it it's going to keep getting worse.
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    Protective styling with lots of moisture or Chop! I just chopped on Thursday for the second time and I couldn't be more happy! I'm free. I'm free!!
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