Aloha! Can anyone please offer me some advice?

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Aloha! I recently started watching natural hair videos on Youtube and was inspired to go natural. My last relaxer was in August of 2013 so I've been transitioning for 6 months although the first 5 were unintentional. I have challenged myself to a 1-year no heat challenge but Im having SO MUCH TROUBLE with my hair!! By checking out my new growth I realized that I have 3c, thin, low porosity hair (I think). My hair does not process well at all. Dyes are almost invisible unless in direct light and relaxers NEVER straighten more than 4 inches of my hair. So now I'm stuck with this gigantic mass of three different types of hair that cannot ciexist peacefully. I'm about ready to big chop just to keep my sanity. I started with about 4 inches of healthy new growth, followed by 3 inches of bone straight, fragile, high porosity relaxed hair, followed by 4 inches of very under processed, damaged, and thin (texlaxed?) hair. Ive recently chopped off about 2 inches if hair but its not enough. I cant brush, finger comb, or even twist my hair without the ends breaking off. At this point I just want to protect the new growth because the rest is doomed. Should I just spare myself the agony and big chop? I'm nervous about how I'll look and feel after but tbh I don't feel so hot at the moment anyways.


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    Healthy, natural hair will ALWAYS look better than what you're describing. no matter how short it is. I notice that alot of new transitioners are concerned about how they'll look with 100% natural hair, while describing the HORRORS of maintaining the multiple textures. So in a way you've already answered your own question. Cut it off, sis! You'll look FINE!!! The processed hair can't be RESTORED or anything so why keep it hanging on for dear life? I say this as someone who transitioned for a year knowing full well i should have cut my hair off at the 6 month mark lol. It was such a headache for no reason.

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