Sunday night I colored my roots. I knew I was going to restyle in the morning so I didn't bother scrunching or using my microfiber towel or gel and just dried it a bit with a terry towel and let it go. Holy crazy hair! There were some stronger curls that showed up but the crown was flat, stuck straight out, and was frizzy! My daughter couldn't even look at me w/o laughing! It's amazing what a little CG technique can do! No wonder I hated my hair before I found this site!
I'm going to go ahead and say 3a
fine/medium texture and a bit porous-I color
Spring routine: Renpure luxurious argan oil shampoo/Loreal Advanced Care Color conditioner , HETT gel
Microfiber towel/diffuse
Trying KKCC


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    LOL. Amazing indeed:)
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