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Kinky Weave Companies Stealing Pictures of Popular Naturals For Advertising | Black Girl with Long Hair

So a weave company in China stole pictures from two natural hair bloggers showing their real hair o sell their weave product. This is highly illegal. You cannot turn a profit from someone's photo or likeness without their consent and without compensation if they require it. Even if you put your picture on this website you may be agreeing to them using your photo to promote the site in general but they can't use it to sell a product to make money. If a news outlet takes your picture in a public place they don't need to get releases because the likeness is not being sold and it's part of informing the public. No one asks the suspect if they can print his mugshot. Now tabloid media can get away with selling those images because the courts have ruled public people like politicians and celebrities don't have the same expectations of privacy as private people. I take photos but I do it for a company so the image belong to them not me because it's a work for hire. But when I did an album cover some years back I had to buy the rights from the photographer although the images were of me they belonged to him .
I hope the women sue or at least file a grievance so maybe the company won't be allowed to do business in the US.
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    Copyright and intellectual property (IP) laws aren't the same around the world and aren't enforced everywhere.

    Companies have to be very careful when making things in China as they are known to steal the IP. This is why some specialist companies refuse to make things in China so they can't easily make knockoffs.

    EBay etc don't help as that's were a load of the knockoffs are sold. They import them illegally and if they get through customs they sell them online.

    When a country wants to join the EU among the things they do in the 3-4 years before they join is sort out their copyright and IP laws. So they actually enforce laws stopping people from producing and selling goods like fake clothing and pirating CDs/DVDs.

    Also dating and porn sites in the West, were trade agreements and laws are enforced, have been caught using random people's pictures without their permission. This is why posters on here blank out their faces in photos.

    The dating and porn sites are sneaky. For example one dating site in the UK was found to be using a married Canadian politican's photo to lure men in, while British women's photos have been found on sites aimed at the US market. That way the person who the photo is of, is very unlikely to find out and complain.
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    I realize it may be difficult to enforce but I'm hoping if she sues or at least files a grievance it could at least impact their ability to do business in the US and perhaps other countries that do support the law. I doubt the photos are copyrighted. I write songs and I fill out government forms and pay for my copyrights. but I think this is an invasion of privacy laws not to mention fraud and false advertising. If this company is strictly selling kinky weave in China they may be okay but if they want to export their product to the US then having e a grievance might raise a red flag and cause them problems with customs. The porn sites aren't shipping anything. Plus they make so much money they don't care about losing lawsuits. The tabloid media has that same mentality whereas in main stream news the goal is to avoid lawsuits so more careful about what they do and say.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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