Hair infinity

Has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts ?
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    My mother and I both have been taking it for a couple of weeks. My mother is middle-aged and has hair that gets thinner the longer it gets (resulting in scraggly-looking ends, even though they are actually healthy). She's not really interested in growing longer hair, she just wanted the Hairfinity pills to make her hair thicker. In literally the first week, my mother's ends looked visibly thicker.

    I'm trying out the pills because I want my hair to grow longer (heaven forbid my hair got thicker!). I don't know if it's working for me yet simply because for about a week I was only taking one a day (instead of the recommended two) because the pills had made me get a rash on my neck (the break out went away very quickly though, only took a day). I did some research online and found out that in order to stop the breakouts I have to drink lots of water regularly, which I am not currently in the habit of doing. So I just not now started taking two pills a day again since I've started drinking more water. Hopefully now I'll start seeing results.

    I like that the website has a lot of testimonials from real women, not just paid advertisement people. My mother and I are not the type to buy supplements for hair but many women we know in real life recommended Hairfinity to us so we figured we might as well give it a try.
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    I'm trying them out on the moment. I started today and I have 4 bottles. I will keep informed (:
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