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I just wanted to post because i know when i was new in the game this site was more than helpful to me. Even through the arguing about hair typing what to do yada yada.

I just want to share some knowledge to help if i can. This process is truly a journey, I've tried so much from Ayurvedic powders to oils, expensive prodcut to cheap.

I'm also learned that maybe i'm not so type 4a. I'm maybe more 4a/b, but the true 4b and 4c's have hairstyles that i simply adore and quite frankly follow. I am not anti-typing. I think it's a great guide to help you learn how to care for your hair in some respects, just don't use it as a a high/low good/bad scale.

I've learned that WnGs are not for me at this time. The day I figured that out was the day I became free of product junkie-ism. Just realizing there aren't really products that do that because that's just not what my hair does was freeing. Maybe when my hair is longer, but for me the shrinkage is too much I just don't do short hair at this time.

My hair is healthy finally. It's gone through some ups and downs. I had to do the following to get it there:

Get a trim every 8 clock work. 12 weeks is way to long for me. I know people say you don't have to trim but let's just say,i don't have the same hair that they do. I am very, very picky about my trims. I moved and i still fly to my stylist because there truly isn't one near me that i would give a shot too. Granted I can't do this forever but it works for now. Thanks SW for the $49 flights. Get outta the box and do whatcha gotta do.

I don't protective style per say but i do sleep in my silk bonnet and put my hair in such a way at night that it's protected from drying out.

I don't use shampoo except for when i go to the stylist because they use it. That's about every 8 weeks. I use Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and my hair is clean and soft. I condition with some mixture of oils for the scalp and shea butter for my hair.

I don't use all natural products for everything. For moisturizers I do like more natural products because i do find that they work best on my hair. Bee Mine Luscious and Qhemets Bioligics twisting butter area awesome to me! For styling I really like Design Essentials Compositions foaming wrap lotion and their hair serum(think it's called silk) . I use the compositions to braid my hair down at night. I wake up, undo braids and go.

I use heat. Not too much, but i do. I wash my hair every week(or every other..just depends), then i put on my design essentials serum and blow my hair out. I braid it down or twist it from there. It takes me about 45 mins to blow dry and I must say i'm pretty good. I've had people swear me up and down i had a perm after my hair is just blow dried. I press my hair sometimes but i try not to because this is one thing i do know my hair does not respond to well, it's harder to bounce back from a flat iron for me. I mean it can be done, but i do see evidence of it.

I have professional tools at my house. I don't invest that much in weekly or bi-weekly trips to the salon so i feel like i need to have the best at home.

I have FHI blowdryer and flat irons. I have a huge sit under dryer that rolls on the floor and I have a sit under hair hydrator like you would see in most salons. I figure they will charge me to use them there at least $25 per hydrating treatments so why not get my own and use it when i wish. I think the commitment to having the right tools has been the thing that has been great for me. Particularly the blow dryer. I had a cheaper one that was suppose to be good but quite frankly nothing works like that FHI professional series blow dryer. The difference is softness, smoothness and less dryness. My hair when i am done is pretty straight, soft and very smooth. My hair will start to shrink from that point, but it's a great way to start off. I do believe that less shrinkage, leads to less tangles which leads to less breakage. That is truly worked for me. I gave up the wash and go and now my hair has some length and thickness.

Finally, I guess the major thing i had to give up was color, permanent color that is. my hair can't stand it. It's too drying. I get a semi permanent color about every 8 weeks to cover my grays(i'm too young for this...LOL). That does the trick.

So now that I am a few years older in this game, this is what works and I always reserve the right to change at anytime. One of these days, i'll post some pics. I'm working on getting the side afro of my avatar and I think by the end of this year...I'll be there!
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    Wonderful. Someone asked me yesterday if taking care ofv my natural hair was hard. I say the hard part is the trial and error of figuring out what works and doesn't work for your natural hair. Once you learn your hair it's easier.
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    I second that.
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