Hmph! Curly does not equal bushy.

I got a real shock today when a few of my classmates started calling my hair bushy. They said that I wasn't any fun because my fun got caught in my "bushy" hair. I am well aware that my hair is not bushy. It's curly! It's looking better than it ever has before. And I would like to hope that I'm not completely devoid of fun. Just because I like to stay on task doesn't mean I don't like a good time.

I still can't get over this incredible rudeness. I figured I would share because maybe you guys could relate a bit? Why do some people think it doesn't hurt when they call curly hair bushy? It's not a fact or anything. I don't think anyone would think it funny if I told them they weren't any fun because their stringy hair lets it all escape. Sheesh.


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    We certainly can relate! It sucks, huh - sometimes straighties just don't get it. They think "bushy" or "frizzy" is a synonym for curly. One girl said she loved my frizzy hair. :? Where are they getting this from??

    Say, that stringy thing is a great comeback... :wink:
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    You're right to want to stay on task during class... you'll be the one who benefits in the end!

    I know what you mean about the "bushy" comment. I recently had my haircut (see the thread "Bad (hair) day") and the hairdresser kept saying my hair was "fluffy." "Do you use any serum or pomade to keep your hair from being so fluffy?" No lady, my hair was gorgeous till you brushed it and loaded it up with cones and sulfates, and then it got fluffy! :?

    Hang in there. At least you know your curls are beautiful!
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    Ugh. I'm sure most of us can sympathize! I've had my hair referred to as 'big' (which, in my mind, is not an attractive descriptive of 'volume'), frizzy . . . ever since I started wearing my hair curly. It's curly people, curly. And it's fabulous. :wink: I love the stringy comeback. Next time!

    People failing to stay on task during classes will always find a way to try to make those who do stay on task feel badly about themselves. After a million years of schooling, it doesn't seem to change very much. :roll:
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    ugh! i know what you mean, ok so my hairs curly and up until my little sister was born a few years ago i was the only curly in the ENTIRE family, so me and my sister in a wave full of straighties get referd to as "frizzy" or "poofy" all the time, it sucks! but i guess they just dont get it..haha nice stringy comeback btw :wink:
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    Kids at school always ask me why my hair isn't straightened, and think that curly hair is ugly and embarrassing. Although I find that men and women that are a decade or two older than me tend to love my hair.
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    I'd ignore those idiots. They sound like they're jealous. I'm sure your curly hair looks fabulous. Don't give them any time. They're not worth it. :D
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    I wish I could get a little bushy-ness back now that my hair has thinned so much. :(

    Obviously those rude individuals are severly lacking in the manners department. Wouldn't it me nice if you could just pop those people in the mouth and tell them to watch it. ;) (Not that I advocate violence. It just ticks me off when people are so rude.)

    Remember, insults usually come from insecurity or a lack of anything more intelligent to say.
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    I get called "fluffy" and "boofy" all the time :(

    Had a client call me "curlylocks - y'know, goldilock's sister!" the other day, cracked me up! :lol:
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    When you are older and not having to spend $$$ on going to the salon every few weeks for cuts, styles and eventually the "old lady beehive" you'll be having the last laugh. It really is pretty funny to see all those straighties covering up aging hair loss with bad perms no? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    people are so clueless - and rude.
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    Bushy is nice compared to what one of my bosses called me! She kept telling me I had trailer park hick hair! :shock: It would usually be on really humid days and my hair would be frizzy (this was 3 years ago, long before I learned how to take care of my curls!), but it didn't look like I had stuck my finger in a light socket or anything! I was crushed! I ended up quitting a month later, as she still wasn't being very nice about anything, and I was about to start college.
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    I've never had the "bushy" comments but have had straight friends try to be helpful by suggesting i use products for frizzy hair, its not their fault people are lead to believe that frizzy is another term for curly.
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