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I've been dealing more or less with my wavy 2B/2C hair adequately with having like one good hair day out of a week and being happy about it when I lived in Europe and on the East Coast, but ever since I picked up surfing (salt water) and moved to southern California (hard water), I can't get my hair to behave almost ever.

On top of that I decided to get that popular inverted bob which was fun for the summer and now is a pain in my ass b/c the bottom cranial layer of my hair is almost straight and my topiary is poofed up like a mushroom.

I figured out finally I have low porosity hair, but I've been spending $$$$$ on hair products and there's no right mixture of products/habits in sight that makes my hair manageable. :crybaby: my hair almost always looks frizzy and poofy. My ends are almost always crunchy even when I try to put some protective oil on them.

I've tried "no-poo" and every combination of hair product/mask/deep conditioner out there. Plus a hard water shampoo etc.

I have coarse 2b/c hair, very very low porosity, it seems to loathe Shea protein and other proteins. it doesn't seem to matter what shampoo I use, only the conditioner really matters. Many times when I add coconut oil or almond oil to my hair it looks ok for a hot minute and then my entire head becomes greasy instead.

Anyway, please help, my hair is just looking awful always :(.


  • Juliette_Juliette_ Posts: 16Registered Users
    Have you tried a baking soda and acv rinse? I live in Southern California and the water here is so hard it's insane I really should invest in one of those shower head filters. Anyways the baking soda really helps balance the water out and clean your hair :)
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    I wouldn't suggest baking soda on the hair, as it can do some damage - it is very harsh. I used to use baking soda/acv and it did nothing but damage my hair in the end. It may be fine like once a month or whatever, but not regularly.

    Can you post ingredients to the products that you are currently using? This will give more information to go by.

    If your hair is low porosity, I would not suggest using straight oil. Only a very minute amount on mostly dry hair works for me on occasion.

    Also coarse hair doesn't do well with protein, so make sure your products do not contain them.
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    Are you confident of your hair properties, did this come from a microscope analysis? TBH it sounds like you may have UV and or water/ sea salt damage which would not normally be linked to very low porosity hair. How are you protecting your hair when surfing or in the sun?

    You don't give any of the products you have used so we can't easily comment on that. But many wavies struggle with using straight up oils: they are tough to distribute. It can be much easier using then as a minor ingredient in a conditioner or as a pre-wash treatment. Also many wavies and curlies can't get on with butters, that doesn't apply only to low porosity. Coarse hair tends not to do well with protein that is quite normal.

    Are you using plenty of a really basic leave in conditioner? By basic I mean rich in the major emollients (fatty alcohols/ cationic surfactants) but without butters, proteins, polyquats or potent humectants? The role of these emollients is primarily to soften and give slip. They are water soluble so not greasy, good for clumping/ frizz control and patch repairing damage.

    A conditioner is 90%+ water which evaporates off so its harder to overload hair with these compared with oils.
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    I think Firefox is right that the damage may be more due to salt and sun than the water. That salt/sun combo can really trash your hair. Depending on where you are in S. CA, the water is probably hard but not very hard. My sister lives in San Clemente and I live north of SF. I'd say our water hardness is roughly the same--that is, hard, but not very hard--and I hardly ever clarify, let alone chelate. Citric acid rinses can help with hard water (I use 1/4 tsp. per gallon of water as a final rinse when I do them), or the occasional chelating shampoo, but I would look for other culprits as well.

    P.S. If you did the float test to determine porosity, it's very unreliable and you may not be low porosity at all. In fact, if you're out surfing much I'd be pretty surprised if you had low porosity.
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    I agree it's really difficult to make suggestions without a detailed description of your routine and products. One thing I would suggest though is pre-surf protection. Running a good oil through just before would help seal your hair, there are also a lot of products out there with spf that would certainly help. You may also want to consider a swimming cap. Be sure you are washing (no sulfates) and conditioning immediately after. Your hair may simply be fried between the salt, sun, wind, etc.
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