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    YES, I'm thin, and YES I do eat. More than you, probably. NO, I don't work out all the time. I was born this way. Get over it. You do not need to point out the obvious EVERY TIME YOU SEE ME (you couldn't handle it if I returned the favor). And don't monitor my eating when I am in front of you. I'm full damn it! I might have just eaten. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to make correlations and "figure out" how I got to be so thin. Here's an idea--keep your eyes on your own plate. Perhaps you can "figure out" your own food issues, mmmkay?

    Don't do me any favors by letting me know that my a$$ isn't big enough for you! So what? Entertain the thought that I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot 'bout that?

    Don't eff with my emotions, dude. I love you, but I can let you go. Today.

    God only knows why I am friends with you. I have concluded that this deed will be my ticket into heaven, LOL. You've never been as good a friend to me as I am to to you. Yes, you are a very attractive man, but so what? I don't want to be with you. Get over yourself. Stop trying to convince me that I am unattractive. Why on earth would you need to do that? Number 1 it won't work, Number 2 its not true. It is not my fault that you are unhappy and insecure.

    I love the both of you more than life itself, but please understand that neither of you are my role models. Its too bad that I had to go out and find people to show me how to live a fulfilling life (and not just exist). I'm sorry that this makes me a weirdo in your eyes. Once again, I love you, but I have many issues with the way you put these limitations in my head. Please understand that when I ask you for advice, it is just that. I don't have to accept or heed it. In fact, your put-downs and snide comments are the reason why I don't ask you for your input anymore. I am OK on my own.

    Get to know me before you decide that I'm stuck up. I am not. I am not cosmopolitan, or cold or mean or materialistic or high maitenance or any of that. Who I am will surprise you. Yes, I'm a funny chick. But that is not all I do. Please understand that I will not be your dancing monkey every minute of the day. I am not perfect, so please don't expect that. I am a person with feelings and needs. Sorry.

    Don't come into my life and try to knock me off my pedestal. Yes, I have high self esteem, and there is nothing you can do to change that!

    Yes, we were very good friends, but I no longer want to deal with you. You calling and pleading made it all worse. For all your sweetness, underneath you can be quite manipulative and needy. I don't care about your kids asking about me. I don't care that we had a bond. You just overstepped some lines, and I barely even knew you. I am not an ATM machine. I loved you as a friend, but when you started just automatically expecting things from me, that was the end of the line. And on top of all this, you had the nerve to criticize me! Nah, shorty. Maybe one day I will be ready to deal with you. Till then.....

    When I walk into your establishment/work place, SAY HELLO (or something). If you are a business owner, do not hire ignorant-***ed people to deal with the public. It infuriates me to spend money anywhere where I'm treated like crap by some toothless heffa.

    Ah....that felt good. :D
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    - Please step down off of your self-righteous pedestal and get over yourself. You are not competing for Miss America - you do not need to tell me how much your new house costs, how you're just miss busy-body by participating in all these do-good activities and then turn around and bag on your fiance for essentially just being a guy! You have mental problems if you think you need to lose weight - you are skinnier than I am and I'm skinny! Then again, its all about you and how you are doing something that is better than everyone else.

    -Stop calling me - I am NOT my supervisor's secretary or answering service - if she doesn't answer her phone, she's obviously away from her desk or on the other line, which means she's NOT AVAILABLE! I gave her your message 2 hours ago to call you - if she hasn't, that's not MY problem!

    -Slow the freak down and enjoy life a little would ya?! Yes, I'm driving the speed limit *gasp* Imagine that. So please, remove yourself from my tailpipe and BACK OFF!

    -You all are just as bad as high schoolers - you stand around and talk about one another and back stab - that's why I don't talk to any of you all day because I know I'm getting talked about behind my back. I DESPISE fake people.

    -Stop being so judgemental. Just because someone chooses to do something that you don't agree with or would not do in that particular manner doesn't mean its wrong. I've tried my best to warm up to you, but have felt alienated and will not forget that for a long time. I am not a bad person, so why do you insist on making me feel like I am?

    Whew......that's a start....... :D
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    OK this will probably tick off a lot of you but anyway - attention everyone who is ultra politically correct and gets offended at the drop of a hat: please do the rest of us a big big favor and go live in a cave. Of course knowing you you'll get offended by the rocks or something. :roll: Seriously if you're just looking for an excuse to cry, how about we throw you off a cliff so you at least have a good reason. Better yet move to Somalia or just about anyplace else for awhile and you'll see what REAL opression is. You are a spoiled idiot; get a grip. If someone calls me "tall" instead of "vertically blessed" or "Indian" instead of "Native American" I could give a flip (unless their intent is clearly hostile or rude). God forbid, I just called someone "black" instead of "African American" and got some childish go to hell look. ?? Oh no what a catastrophe. Guess what honey, I think AA is a ridiculous term anyway, because it's confusing and just too stinking long. And you know what, "AA" isn't any more noble or high and mighty than "black," which when I grew up 100 years ago in fact WAS the PC term. In fact, as "NAs" crying about the football team Redskins name, get over yourselves too. I understand your point and don't care for it either, but I think very few if any people think negatively of us when they think of that football team. We have much more serious issues that you should devote your time to if you REALLY care about "your" people.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot about these:

    Don't treat your boyfriend like crap; be glad that you have such a sweet guy after what you did to him! It makes me sick that he kisses your damn a$$ all the time. Stop griping about wanting to go home every time he starts having fun somewhere. If he wanted to go home and you were having fun, yuo would throw a fit.

    How DARE you cheat on me. I gave you "friend time" (which included your friends that were girls), never called to check to see if that is actually where you were because I thought it was healthy for us to have our seperate time sometimes. I trusted you and you broke my heart. Screw you! You are not even that cute, and you have a bad attitude and are self centered. You are selfish and heartless. Youre a mamas boy that is spoiled rotten and has never had to grow up.

    If you do something wrong, don't weasel your way out of it, own up to your mistake. Be a MAN.
    A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

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    friends: quit making me feel guilty when i don't blow off obligations to work, school, family to come get drunk with you!!! don't make me feel bad that i don't spend my money on dinners and clothes and drinks like you do. i work hard, i want to succeed, and i'm willing to make sacrifices to do so. don't make me feel bad about it!!! and if you *borrow* a book or movie, i'm NOT GIVING IT TO YOU!

    aunt: why are you so philanthropic to "the disadvantaged," yet you are cruel and dismissive towards my father? he is the sweetest man alive, and you have emasculated him and embarrassed him in front of me enough times. i want to toss you into the deep blue pacific ocean, you terrible shrew!! (no, not a death threat, i just hate the old bag) TIP--don't buy people gifts from garage sales...they'll KNOW!
    don't blatantly admit you favor one grandchild over another. they may only be 1 and 3, but your attitude will carry over and they'll eventually realize.

    people in general: take some f-ing responsibility for your actions and stop expecting me to give you a free ride in life! learn to advance yourself and your group-of-choice by performing well in the workplace, not *demanding* extra benefits!

    activists: until you provide a viable alternative solution, i'm not interested. and a "vomit-in" will not make me suddenly take your cause seriously.

    global community: wake up! look at history! appeasement never worked! israel is protecting itself! it cannot be called an apartheid state when all religions are permitted to practice freely inside the borders!
    palestinians are brainwashed from the time they are born to see israel as an enemy to defeat, not a nation with which to peacefully co-exist! they are being used as political pawns by everyone from the dictatorial surrounding 22 arab countries to the radical leftists. the hate palestinians are being taught is all over the textbooks...and the money flowing to that country goes to arafat's bank accounts and explosive belts, rather than education reform. on the contrary, money to israel has allowed them to do things like invent the cellphone and allow churches, mosques AND synagogues. the fact that I'm jewish has nothing to do with this. the fact that I believe in the preservation of democracy has everything to do with this. so when you want to cry and moan over poor rachel corrie, please remember how she and other ISM idiots go to the middle east to teach hatred towards america and israel, rather than using the fruits of the liberties they've enjoyed here to teach the palestinians to help free themselves from the grip of terrorists like arafat!!!!

    die hard liberals i understand your feelings, but you're living in a dream world. it was a rude awakening for me, but people are not good at heart. they are simply animals capable of extreme good and extreme evil. also of extreme jealousy...the desire to outdo others will always exist, regardless of the type of society in which man lives. enacting policies based on how you'd like people to be, rather than how they really are...bad idea!

    die hard conservatives i understand your feelings, too, but the more you try to impose religion on others, the more they will resist. america is rooted too deeply in the ideals of personal freedom to ever abolish abortion... if you are opposed to abortion, raise money to educate teens and create private programs to present alternatives to women who accidentally become pregnant.

    bush is not hitler. anyone who actually believes this should rot in the deepest cavernous depths of michael moore's A*N*U*S!!

    /rant over :)

    thanks for letting me vent!
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    I take great delight watching your downfall.

    Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang

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    I thought of something else. I love babies, don't get me wrong, but don't get insulted if I can't tell the sex of your newborn. You just can't tell with some newborns, and if you dress them in gender neutral clothing, please offer the information so I don't have to ask.

    Oh, and seriously I love dogs. I know they are great companions, but so are cats. Stop hating on my cats. They provide me the same emotional fulfillment that a dog can, and I don't have to walk them in the rain. They are quiet, don't chew up my furniture, and don't bark everytime they hear a noise. Yeah they have a litter box, but babies wear diapers. You learn to deal. And I can clean the litter box when I feel like it. You don't get to pick when to walk a dog if he has to go or when to change a diaper.
    GuardianB wrote:
    I am perfect.
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    Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

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    it's taken me a while to get through this thread...entertaining and insightful :) my turn...

    Mom: Yes I'm happy that your boyfriend of nearly 5 years has finally moved in with you and things are finally turning around for you but why does he ALWAYS have to go EVERYWHERE with you? Are you no longer an individual because you have a man again? And would you CALL your best friend and go out to lunch with her please! She thinks you don't even care about her anymore and it can't be just you and her like it always has been because he's finally here. If you tell me to pick you up at a certain BE READY TO GO and don't make me wait around for a half an hour...I could have slept in some more. Don't ask me to drive and criticize everything I do. Yes, I've had some mishaps (large and small) but I'm in control and I know what I'm doing. Stop using the imaginary break, you're not gonna die.

    Dad: Stop being such a stubborn arse. It's been nearly 5 years and I'm tired of my brothers and I being put in the middle. Grow up. Why don't you try actually spending time with your sons instead of just yelling and punishing when they do something wrong. Why the heck can't joe just stay there when he goes to the SAME school that alex does? There is NO sense whatsoever of bring joe all the way back to mom's house just to drive all the way back to your house when joe has to be right back out there the next morning. Stop doing things like that just to annoy mom, it's old, childish and unreasonable. Adam is only almost 14...stop acting like he's going to know everything, he's not an adult yet. He's still a kid, he's allowed to act like one. And fricking call management about the problems in your townhouse apartment, you pay way too much a month in rent to them to deal with that crap.

    Alex: Quit with the attitude. I've been dealing with your oversensitive behind for too long and I'm really getting sick of your outbursts. And STOP changing your mind every 5 seconds when we're picking a movie or a place to eat. Yes, you do owe me nearly $100 for concert tickets.

    Joe: What the heck is your deal? BRUSH YOUR DANG TEETH! If we ask you a question don't answer us in a 'isn't it obvious where i was aren't you stupid' tone of voice. Stop writing all over your jeans and then wear the same pair 5 days in a row.

    If every livejournal entry is going to be about how depressed you are that your boyfriend won't be able to contact you for a month because he's in the military, then please don't post. I'm tired of hearing about him and every detail that goes on with him. We don't care. Get a job or a hobby or something.

    No, I don't believe in God anymore and I don't believe that you can just 'leave it up to God'. Don't put me in Catholic school my entire life and expect me to still believe mom. You're not exactly a model Catholic yourself now are you?

    If I take the time to answer with the proper greeting ("IT Helpdesk, how can I help you?") the least you can do is say "sorry, wrong number". DON'T JUST HANG UP. I'm doing the best I can to help you, don't hang up on me because I don't know all the answers. And no I don't know when the computer center will be with you, there are other people on campus with problems too. If you call at the last minute for audio visual equipment don't get pissed off when it's not available, you should have called sooner. If there is a sign on the door that says the computer lab is closed for spring break until March 8 DON'T COME IN. Yes, the door may be ajar but that's so WE can get in and out without always have a key. I don't care if you have to print something really quick. Learn to read.

    Don't bring your kids to class and eat your dinner too. Don't bring your kids to the computer labs either, they're not going to sit still.

    Stop asking computer questions you should be asking your professor! Why don't you pay attention when I'm explaining to you how to use your FTP and stop asking me the same questions over and over again.

    To the McDonald's across the street and down one block: Stop over charging people who aren't black.

    To the bum who sits at the light before the expressway: Don't call me a "Lousy f***ing b***h" because I wouldn't give you any money.

    I'm MEXICAN not Spanish. If you can't pronounce my name after me telling you how to pronounce it, just don't do it. No, I can't speak Spanish unfortunately so no I don't know what they're saying.

    yep that does feel better. :)
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    Don't go on a bulletin board and expect people to answer your school exam questions for you. You should have paid attention in class, you figging moron. Now why don't you get your lazy ass to the figging library instead of expecting other people to do your work for you.
    To Trenell, MizKerri and geeky:
    I pray none of you ever has to live in a communist state.

    Geeky is my hero. She's the true badass. The badass who doesn't even need to be a badass. There aren't enough O's in cool to describe her.
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    D, I love you with all my heart. I may spend to much time on this computer but don't try and make it seem like something it is not. I am there when ever you ask or call. I would sometimes just rather sit and laugh with or at people that I never have to see than sit and watch a tv show that I don't care for with no conversation or same one we had yesterday. Right now I am leaving to pick you up right on time as usual. We have 1hr a day of just us to talk serious or play on the rides in and home. Because you don't understand this thing I enjoy don't make me feel guilty about it.
    ~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous
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    This one's a sports reference:
    NEVER SAY "they beat themselves"! It doesn't happen. No team ever beats themselves. They can play terribly, but the other team must have played better. Face it, your team was lousy. They can't possibley beat themselves!!!

    Chew with your mouth closed!! Especially when you're eating chips. I dont want to hear you chew your food. If you take a bite out of a chip, you can do it with your mouth closed around the chip. It does not have to be open!!

    Stop whining about every little thing. The fans in this city aren't so much worse than any other city, just because you dont like the team. If people aren't as polite here as they are in the south, get over it! If people aren't in the mood to chat, they dont have to. No one likes rudeness, but just because they dont always act happy to see you, doesnt mean that everyone here sucks.

    Every time I see you, I dont want to hear you complaining! Dont complain that you didnt get to go to Hawaii again this year for christmas. Dont go for 6 trips this year and then complain that you cant go on a 7th. Dont say that you cant understand how people dont have money to do things. Some people dont have mommy and daddy to give them money all the time. Some people are in debt from college, weddings, and other necessary expenses. Just because they didnt' have parents to pay for it for them, doesn't make them less of people because of their debt.

    Dont always talk about how much debt you're in when you're making a lot of money owning your own buisness. It's not my fault you didnt pay your taxes and you have none automatically deducted. It's not my fault you're remodelling your entire house at the same time instead of doing one thing at a time. Just because you make bad decisions, I dont want to hear about it.

    Dont say how bad it is for the father when his wife is having a baby. I dont care if you almost passed out from watching it. The wife is the one doing it!! Dont say that watching the needles from the epi was bad. The wife is the one who's getting them. Dont say that the wife will get through it because she has to, but it's rough for the father.

    Dont complain that you're not having enough sex right after your wife had a baby. Maybe it's a little sore for her. maybe she's in a lot of pain. Maybe your pleasures aren't that important right now. Stop thinking only of yourself!!!!

    Thanks, I feel better now.

    If you dont like it here, move. you're the one who moved here in the first place. we dont want you here either.

    Stop jumping to conclusions when you read someone's post. If you think what they say is insulting, ask them about it. It might just need clarification. Dont jump down their throats.
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    Okay, here goes...

    1. Don't bother asking, begging or squeegeeing. I will not give you money. EVER. I work too hard and pay too much in taxes to support your *choice* to live on the streets and outside of society's rules and responsibilities. This beautiful country of ours has some of the generous social programs in the world. Please allow them to help you.

    2. Free healthcare should not give you the right to neglect your body. Nor does it give you the right to abuse the people who are working hard to help you even though you appear to have no desire to help yourself.

    3. Yes, my husband is a doctor. I don't care how much money (you think) he makes - he earns every penny of it. Walk one day in his shoes and you'll understand that. Until you show me that you are capable of even a fraction of the skill, dedication and responsibility that he shows every single day, I have no interest in your opinion on the matter.

    4. Grow up. You are not going to die if you get a C in my course. Just because you have never encountered a challenge before doesn't mean I'm going to lower my standards for you. Be an adult and rise to the occasion. Or get the h*ll out of my classroom. I'm interested in teaching people who are interested in learning.

    5. At some point you are going to be judged on aptitude and not just on effort. As much as it hurts to hear it, you need to rethink your career choice.

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    You're really full of **** now.

    You've never seen me, so you really don't know the truth.

    Are there any straight guys here? NOPE!

    All these girls you talk about...FAKE!

    Don't tell me you have better things to do...Just you being here tells me you really don't. Everyone here is a loser in some sort of wouldn't hang out in a place like this...they're out doing things and living life and actually being productive at work...or going out to lunch with friends, which I'm sure a lot of you don't really have.

    You think you are BETTER now! New and improved? You sound as if you are high as a KITE...all the're not even a real person anymore.
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    Do not ask me if I've lost weight. Just say something like "you look nice" and that covers all the bases.

    Do not ask "why you gotta be like that?" and not explain what "that" is. Just because my sense of humor is not your sense of humor does not mean I angry and depressed.

    Speaking of which - yes, 8 years ago, I was very angry and depressed. I wanted to die, more than anything else in the world. Please stop reminding me of my "angry phase" because I don't like thinking about all my suicidal plans. I got over it, but like all emotional scars, I will always know what it was like to be depressed.

    I work very hard for my good grades, and yes, I am proud of them. I am also proud of my clean room, my ability to cook, my pretty hair, my beautiful skin, and artistic ability. Don't try to make me feel bad about being good at something. I've worked for all of it.
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    I will relax my hair if I want to. You don’t have to try to fix this mess every day so you don’t get to choose if I should keep it curly or straight so keep your opinions to your self.

    If you’re ugly don’t post your picture.

    If you say something stupid don’t get mad if someone jumps on you

    I don’t care if you are depressed take a freaking pill and get over it.

    Your father died he did not abandon you. Okay so you may have thought that when you were little, but you are 30 years old now, for god sakes get over it.
    Do you have to cry each time someone talks about their dad? Again you are 30 years old get over it.

    The boy is gay; he will always be gay, move on.

    I will use the lords name in vain whenever I darn well please if you don’t like it too darn bad.

    Bush is an idiot and yes he stole the election. I did not vote for him, will not vote for him.

    Just because you don’t have a personal stake in a particular social issue doesn’t mean you should not care what happens to others. One day it will be your turn to be affected by the erosion of our civil liberties.

    I don’t have to agree with you. I don’t think you are funny or insightful and half the time you are guilty of the same stuff you accuse others of doing. I have a feeling you are probably obnoxious in real life.

    Will you please loosen up a little… a disagreement is not a personal attack. The word
    a s s is not offensive (everyone has one) and posting a spoiler should not get you banned
    national anthem for self-pity :binky:
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    Feel free to stay with your husband who is abusing you. I honestly don't care. But the minute he lays a finger on those kids, you should be out the door. And if you stay, BOTH should be in jail.

    Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang

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    For my high school seniors: I TOLD you this was a college class. If you don't do the reading, you will not do well on your papers. I don't really care that you've always made As without working. That's partly because our expectations are too low. Well, welcome to college. Yes, this class is hard, but for once, you'll have a B you earned, rather than an A someone gave you.

    To all of those people who say stupid things about infertility: Who the hell are you to decide that maybe God doesn't want me to be a parent? Last time I checked, He was not sharing His job description with you. I cannot deal with you, with your 5 kids and who-knows-how-many grandkids, telling me how I'm supposed to deal with my feelings. I will work through this; it will work out the way it's supposed to, but you DO NOT understand how I feel, you will NEVER understand how I feel, and you should SHUT THE HELL UP.

    To all of those people who keep asking when we're going to have kids: I do not feel like announcing to the world that my husband has no sperm count. I do not feel like telling how much I want kids, or how long we've tried, or what course of action we're considering. If you are not a close, personal friend, how is this your business?
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    When someone walks into your home and it smells like you own a dog or cat, it's time to do some serious cleaning. I'm afraid to sit down on your sofa because there's damn hair everywhere! Will you vaccum a little, please? Buy a lint brush so you don't go out in public covered in hair like that? It's absolutely disgusting. I love dogs and cats but I'm so damn allergic. Don't resent me if I can't get near you or don't want you in my house.
  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    kmonster wrote:
    To all of those people who say stupid things about infertility: Who the hell are you to decide that maybe God doesn't want me to be a parent? Last time I checked, He was not sharing His job description with you. I cannot deal with you, with your 5 kids and who-knows-how-many grandkids, telling me how I'm supposed to deal with my feelings. I will work through this; it will work out the way it's supposed to, but you DO NOT understand how I feel, you will NEVER understand how I feel, and you should SHUT THE HELL UP.

    To all of those people who keep asking when we're going to have kids: I do not feel like announcing to the world that my husband has no sperm count. I do not feel like telling how much I want kids, or how long we've tried, or what course of action we're considering. If you are not a close, personal friend, how is this your business?

    I'm breaking a rule here but you are not alone KM. If you ever need to talk or need someone to vent with, you can PM me. I've been to hell and back, so I know exactly how you feel.
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    Everyone should be required to work an entry level job dealing with the public before granted the PRIVILEDGE of attending college.

    The purpose of college is to get an education. If you think classes are a waste of your time, you could save Mommy and Daddy a lot of money by dropping out now. A grade of 'D' should not be enough to pass. Even a 'C' is pushing it.

    I am sick and tired of hearing parents **** and moan about the rising cost of tuition and how in the world are they going to pay for little Johnny's tuition, SUV, and cell phone required for his college experience. There is such a thing as student loans, and such a thing as working while attending college. If your child actually cares about getting an education, he/she may actually apply themself and be eligible for a scholarship in addition. You should count yourself priviledged to be in a position to even consider footing the bill for your child's education.

    Likewise, it should not reflect poorly on my parents that I work two jobs while attending college. I do not feel I deserve a free ride from anyone, least of all the exceptional people who funded my upbrigning, and who are still paying back their own student loans.

    Please refrain from putting trash into the clearly marked recepticles meant to contain paper to be recycled.

    I take pride in my work ethic and in doing a good job. I do not think I get paid to slack off. I do not care if you want to slack on the clock, but please don't think I am insane for actually wanting to get work done while I am at work.

    Yes, I smoke. I am fully aware of the consequences of my life choice. I also drink coffee. As well, I am fully aware of the teeth-yellowing effect of both of my said vices.

    I don't care how great your bod is, there exists no ass-crack that is attractive. Also, I do not wish to see your love handles or back fat being squeezed from the top of your inappropriately low fashionable pants. That goes for belly fat, as well.

    Just because I look foreign and/or 'ethnic' to you does not mean I want to share my heritage. It is NOT an appropriate pick-up line to ask a woman what her race is. I don't see you asking the black woman at the next table 'what are you?'

    What a great thread.
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    To certain customers:
    I don't appreciate being treated like an idiot. Just because I'm serving you does not mean I'm stupid.
    There is absolutely no need to be rude to me when I'm being incredibly polite, friendly and efficient.
    It's unbelievable you have the cheek to bring something back you bought over two years ago.
    Don't stand there after I've given you your receipt, and spend 10 minutes packing your bag. There are customers waiting who want to be served, and you are blocking the way.
    It's not my fault there is a queue. I'm going as fast as I can.
    I am not responsible for the store's policies. Don't take it out on me.
    Appreciate that we are run off our feet over the Christmas period, and maybe say 'thank you'.
    It's NOT FUNNY to come to the till 2 minutes before the stores closes with a massive pile of clothes. We want to get home and you know that. You then have the cheek to make more demands. That's fine when it's opening hours, but not when we should be going home.

    I often think the nicer I am to customers, the worse they get. I think it's a power thing.

    Just because you're at a fancy uni does not mean you are better than me. I don't know how you managed to get in anyway, you are as thick as two short planks...and that's being generous.

    My hair is not curly just because I put product in it. If I brushed it, it would not look straight. My hair is nothing like yours. Yes, she uses frizz-ease and her hair looks great...the stuff doesn't work for me. Understand that it's an on-going battle between me and my hair, and you don't have a clue.

    Don't say I look nice when we both know I look awful.

    To my hair and skin: it's not big and it's not clever to play up when I'm going anywhere nice. Grow up.
  • FionaFiona Posts: 158Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    * Paris Hilton is not beautiful, she is not stylish, she is not clever, she is a skank and if she weren't so wealthy she'd just be one of those style-free people you feel sorry for.

    * Don't KNOW you live in the best country in the world if you haven't been to any others to compare.

    * Going to church every Sunday and serving in the armed forces does not guarantee a great leader.

    * If you drive an SUV I am going to assume you are not a good driver and are trying to compensate for your lack of skill by driving a tank . I don't care what you tell me about how safe they are, how well they drive, blah, blah, blah, they belong on rural roads only. There is no reason to drive such hulking big pseudo trucks in the city.
    If you can't be a Good Example, then you'll just have to be a Horrible Warning
  • An AkashaAn Akasha Posts: 175Registered Users
    I am really sick of the racism, ethnocentrism, prejudice and ignorance on this board. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
    BSL of thick 4a/ 3c coils.
    Member since 1999.
  • ScarletScarlet Posts: 3,125Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    This one's a sports reference:
    NEVER SAY "they beat themselves"! It doesn't happen. No team ever beats themselves

    Sure they do, but it usually happens in the locker room.
    The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics - Thomas Sowell
  • ScaryCurlScaryCurl Posts: 138Registered Users
    This has been a very interesting thread. Here's my .02.

    Just because I chose a pain free delivery doesn't make me any less of a mother. So to all of you natural childbirth advocates who choose an agonizing delivery, more power to you. No one is impressed with your pain threshhold. I have yet to meet anyone who received a medal in the delivery room.

    To the SAHM's who constantly gripe about how many hours a week your husband works, shut up and be glad your man is willing to work more so you can be home with your kid(s). I'd kill for your lifestyle. Also, quit whining about the fact that your husband doesn't do dishes or laundry. If you are blessed enough to be home, that is YOUR job. I have to work, be a mom, and do the housework.

    To those of you who rear your ugly head only to add hateful, negative posts, do us all a favor...don't post.

    Just because I don't support gay marriage, doesn't make me an intolerant homophobe. Some of the nicest people I know are gay and they know how I feel. We are still friends that respect one another's opinions.

    Not everyone from the South is a Confederate Flag waving, racist, redneck. Some of us really are decent, educated people who have great respect for all cultures. We are equally as disgusted by those who give southerners a bad rap.

    I think that anyone who wants to vote in a presidential election should have to take a test to show they at least have some knowledge about each candidate and their platform. Also, if you don't vote then don't complain for the next four years about what a crappy job the president is doing. Get off your can and do something about it.
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  • SaKkehSaKkeh Posts: 986Registered Users
    I have always thought that women who will only be with a man who can 'look after' her are no different from a prostitute. Sex for money.

    I grin inside when I see an ugly skinny chick who thinks she is pretty just because she is skinny

    Light-skinned black women are snotty

    Black men make poor porn stars. They have no air of professionalism and always look limp and dead. Same for black porn tars. They just seem to be 'taking it' instead of particiapting.

    Men dont really respect women as their equals. They say it, but they dont mean it.
  • quickcurlquickcurl Posts: 1,310Registered Users
    Believe it or not, I am a good person. Just because I've made some mistakes in my life doesn't mean I suck. Everyone makes choices that aren't right, but we can't reverse time. I feel bad, I feel horrible and I feel guilty. But it doesn't mean I'm a bad person. Don't judge me because I choose to go with my heart and soul instead of my head.

    Just because I'm getting divorced doesn't mean I'm selfish. I know he's a good guy, but he's not good for me. I wish you could see that I'm happier without him than I was with him.

    No, I don't have a perm. And yes, I do know how much you would pay for hair like this. There's nothing I can do for you, I was born with this hair and you were born with that hair. Just say "nice hair" and walk on please!

    Don't look at me like I'm a freak just because I'm 30, divorced and don't have kids.

    I like wine, but I don't have to know every little thing there is to know about it to like it. White wine is good, that's all I know. I don't really care about the year or the vineyard or whatever. If it tastes good, I'll drink it. If it tastes nasty, I won't drink it. That simple.

    Reality shows, on the whole, are stupid.

    Yes, I eat what I want and remain thin. I've always been like this and I hopefully will always be this way. It's not my fault that I have a high metabolism, so don't tell me you hate me.
    "It's hard to remember a time, when I didn't have you", Richie Sambora
    "Boys are bad and men are stupid", WB's
    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh" Mr. Big
  • ScaryCurlScaryCurl Posts: 138Registered Users
    I'm all for breastfeeding, but if your kid is old enough to undo your bra strap, it's time to introduce them to a cup. No kid needs to wash down a Happy Meal with breast milk. Yes, I've actually seen this. :roll:
    Hair type: 3C. Favorite products for the moment: CONDITIONER: Elucence MBC, LEAVE-IN COND: Curls Rock. CURL ENHANCER: Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls. GEL: Ouidad Climate Control (HG), FINISHING: Frederic Fekkai Glossing Creme.
  • fig jamfig jam Posts: 2,555Registered Users
    geeky wrote:
    Don't go on a bulletin board and expect people to answer your school exam questions for you. You should have paid attention in class, you figging moron. Now why don't you get your lazy ass to the figging library instead of expecting other people to do your work for you.


    When you go the drive-in bank/ATM, have your crap ready. Don't be sitting there filling out the deposit slip, making your little checkbook entries, looking for a pen, tucking everything back all nice and neat before you finally move your figging arse out of the way. If ya gotta put everything away before you toddle on, please pull up a car length and let the rest of us start our business.
    "Tell me, are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?"

    "Honey Badger don't care!"
  • ImSpartacusImSpartacus Posts: 24Registered Users
    I don't care if you think I look like an immigrant. That doesn't mean you should talk down to me or speak slowly to me as though I don't understand English.

    I don't care if you don't like the way I look. You still have to wait on me. Don't pretend I'm not here. Don't pretend you can't see me. 50 years ago, if I acted the way you're acting, I would have been lynched. You ****.

    Don't solicit me for money in the parking lot. Especially when there are lots of people around, including men. Why must you single out me, a petite woman, to help you fix your flat tire? I know you're just trying to jack me so that's why I start yelling when you approach me.

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