My 3rd and final big chop

kiannaturalskiannaturals Posts: 1Registered Users
I've been natural for some time now, and I've recently realized that I did not love my hair for what it was. I was too busy focusing on hair typing. There are naturalistas that have gorgeous curl patterns and I wanted my hair to look like theirs...which was the wrong way to look at natural hair. Ive learned that it does not matter what your hair type may be. Learning to love your own hair and grow it out healthy is mainly the focus. MahoganyCurls is my inspiration and has always been. I love how she teaches you to love your hair the way God intended for it to grow from your scalp. Im always taking notes from her. I just reached one month post bc. I took my clippers and shaved all of my heat damaged, permanent wave chemicals trying and product compilation having hair off and promised myself that for the last time...I was going to be patient and educate myself more as my hair grows. Are there any other naturalistas who are doing their 3rd or 4th big chop?

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