Crown problem? 2B-2C

So I have started cg(again) but I always had this problem. How can I moisturise the top layers, close to crown without my rich deep condish touch my scalp. What I have thought is upside down but when I tried it I ended up with tangles everywhere...
Any technique suggested?
2C/3A Botticelli/Corkicelli.Growing out color/heat damage
M/C, Low/Medium/High Por, Normal Elast. Medium Density
LP: INSIGHT DAMAGED HAIR Restructurizing Shampoo
CO: Generic protein conditioner, Hair Academy Deep Cleansing CO
DET/RO/LI: GNC Avocado And Shea Butter Conditioner +/mask,
Styler: Schwarzkopf Taft Fixing GelWellaflex Instant Volume Boost Mousse
Goal: WL when curly
CG since Feb 2014

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