Going to see...

How long I can go without washing my hair! Since I've stopped straightening it, it's just been a mess. Going a day without washing just wasn't for me. But now that I figured out what my hair likes I think I'm going to try it, plus it would save so much time getting ready!!

When I wore my hair straight I could go 3days without washing, then my hair would get too greasy.

Any tips to help my curls is appreciated! And I will be posting pictures along the way! Feel free to post your own too!

I'm going to start Saturday!
Medium Porosity-High Density-Coarse-Medium Length

CoWash: Eden Naturals
RO: Sauve Naturals Coconut
LI: DevaCurl One Condish.
Gel: LA Bella Super Hold


  • currrlysuecurrrlysue Posts: 8Registered Users
    I would like to try this too!
    I've read so much about how bad it is to wash your hair every day and co-washing, but i feel like my 3b/c hair NEEDS it! My hair will be perfectly moisturized all day but I'll wake up with verrrry dry hair. And co-washing left too much room for product buildup, my hair just never felt clean or soft :(

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