should i cut my hair in new york?

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Hi all!

I live in near orllando, fl but im in new york for work and i was wondering if i should get a cut here. I know there are many salons and hopefully someone can recommend me one. I think i have 3b curly hair but i cant really tell because it is a million different types and textures right now because of transitioning. I have very very thick hair and its long but i want to take the plunge and do a big chop. I have only been to one curly hairstylist in florida who is deva curl certified. I was going to do the big chop with her but she didnt want to go short on me because i would end up with the same puff ball i had when i was 11 and she said short hair wouldnt be best. I have heard of many women go short though. I feel like she was just as scared as i was to cut my hair. I would like to stick with her because she has so many great reviews but when i got the deva cut, she put gel and diffused it and i walked out with poofy hair. I am very scared to cut it short but i feel like thats the only way to get tamed and i think i might have to do a keratin to manage my frizz. so i dont know, shoud i go with her again or find someone here in brooklyn or the bronx? i want someone to help me and recommend products that fit my budget being that im a college freshman. please help me!

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