How to grow 3C/4A frizzy hair?

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I have very frizzy curly biracial (black/white) hair. I've never cut or flat-ironed my hair before. I pretty much moisturize with conditioner and comb my hair in the shower, apply leave-in, dry with a tshirt, and put it up in a bun. I shampoo weekly.

My hair is so unmanageable, dry, and wild. Any help on growing it in length and making it look less wild?

here's some pics if it helps;


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    Your curl pattern is very defined and pretty. I can see the dryness in the last photo. The frizz is probably from the dryness. My guess is that your products aren't moisturizing enough. How does your hair feel when you have your rinse out conditioner in? Another helpful thing would be to get a hair analysis from Goisefootprints on etsy or Komaza. Btw, what products are you using?

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    hi, thanks (:

    I'm currently using;
    - Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Shampoo
    - Tresemme Naturals Conditioner
    - Rusk Sensories Brillance Color Protecting Leave-in Conditioner

    I don't really like any of these products except for the Tresemme conditioner.
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    If you wash your hair in the morning you can try this - purchase some coconut oil and a silk/satin bonnet/scarf. Put a little oil on your hair at night before you go to sleep then put on the bonnet/scarf. Then when you wake up wash and style your hair as normal.

    Don't go mad with the oil as you can end up with greasy hair and you while ideally you should leave coconut oil on for 12-13 hours lots of people have good effects with just overnight. Coconut oil has been proven to penetrate hair strands and lots of people find it helps with moisture levels.

    Coconut oil can be brought from supermarkets particularly ethnic ones, drug stores, health food shops and some beauty supply shops. Just make sure the oil you buy is 100% pure coconut oil and doesn't list any other ingredients like mineral oil. It doesn't matter the type. You may need to melt it before applying by putting the container in hot water.
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    I forgot to add another thing that will definitely help your moisture levels is sleeping in a silk/satin bonnet/scarf or on a silk/satin pillow case all the time as they don't absorb your hair moisture.

    There are other things you can do to help your moisture levels but these two are the simplest and the cheapest to start with before you work out your hair properties.
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    Your hair looks like mine just longer. Your dryness is due to the lack of hydration not moisture. Your hair already has moisture in it. Tips:
    1. Hydration is KEY. Make sure you buy products that will keep hair hydrated not moisturized. Once you get you hair's hydration levels up, you will see beautiful curls.
    2. Use a leave in conditioner before styling. This will ensure your styling product won't dry out your hair causing more frizz.
    3. (optional but I do this) use your shampoo (if you use it) & cowash together. Use the clarifying shampoo on your scalp only. Rinse. The use cowash on the lengths. This will also keep down the frizz. Using shampoo will dry out my hair causing frizz. Even 'gentle cleansers/sulfates found in sulfate free shampoos will dry out my hair.
    4. Styling the roots of your hair. I have a ton of root frizz. I make sure I apply my styler from root to tip. For this (depending on what hold I need), I alternate between la sport gel (if I need hard hold) or cantu curling custard (if I need light hold) hope this helps. I got most of my information from the deva curl website. It has very useful information.
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    Have you tried the CG method? I noticed my hair is far from dry since going that route. It kinda takes some getting used to and some research though. I usually co wash my hair twice a week with the tresemee natural condish and use SM smoothie or curl and style milk, coconut oil and a bit of eco style gel to style. It will take some trial and error though to figure out what your hair likes. Hth

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    Looks like my hair but mine is heat damaged. .Do you blow dry it?

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    Or maybe skip the shampoo sometimes

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    I think you should use more natural hair products Vitamin Shopee has a really good selection over everything, coconut oil, avocado oil, rose marry oil, all things that will help keep your hair healthy and moist without added chemicals that non natural products don't tell you are hiding inside.
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    Your hair is pretty, with a nice curl pattern. But really dry ineed. I think the Curly Girl method (also known as 'shampoo free method') will thelp with the dryness. You could also try the LOC method together with the CG method. So you cut out the drying sulfates, and give your hair extra moisture. Good luck!
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    I have the same type of hair as the person who posted this. What I've noticed with my hair is that the 4a have has a ton of moisture that the 3c hair doesn't. If I up the moisture levels in my hair, my 3c hair will love it because it needs the moisture. My 4a hair will hate the increased moisture because it doesn't need as much moisture. What I do is deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner, but use a hydrating leave in & styler. I also cowash with a hydrating conditioner.