bangs are always oily

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I have long bangs, they are about chin length right now. They are always oily and its driving me insane. I cowash every other day and shampoo once a week. They will look clean for about 4 hours and then they get greasy and heavy and hang in my face. I don't touch them that much, my skin is not overly oily and I have tried dry shampoo but it does nothing. I am sick of pinning them back everyday so they don't look greasy. Suggestions?
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    What are you washing your face with, is that oily too? Try not touching your bangs at all, its easy to transfer oil from the face or things you have touched/ eaten.

    Dry shampoo like Batiste should work well if the issue is only sebum: may not work if you have product build up. Wipe the excess dry shampoo away with a soft towel.
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    Have you changed products recently? What prods are you using right now? Do you use gels? Curl creams? Leave-ins?

    Maybe you should "shampoo" your hair every other day. I don't mean "poo" shampoo, but "sulfate-free" shampoo. (I would never recommend SLaurethS/ALS to anyone!) My sister has type 2 curls, and her hair can easily get weighed down from natural oils.

    Do you have an oily scalp? If your hair is naturally "oily" you may not want try replacing at least one co-wash a week with a "sulfate free" shampoo.

    If your scalp is not oily, and you've never had oily hair, I'd say too much co-washing is giving you "moisturizer" build-up. Your hair may not need all the moisture you're giving it.

    Have you tried washing it with a clarifying shampoo? It doesn't have to be a "sulfate" shampoo; there are sulfate-free clarifying shampoos, and some aren't costly. When I first began this "journey" I used a clarifying shampoo twice a month, now at least once a month. Hair is on your head a long time, and depending upon your porosity, it can really hang on to products. I have low-porosity hair (that's coarse and dry, which doesn't seem to make sense, but that's the way it is) and minerals can wreak havoc with my hair. They can even make it seem "greasy" when the problem is really mineral-build up from super hard water. You may need to keep a chelating shampoo on hand.

    There are a lot of people here with "2" type curls that get the best results when washing more frequently with "sulfate-free" shampoos (and some even use "regular" shampoos).

    Sometimes curl refresher sprays can help, like Mister Right or Ouidad Botanical Boost. But, in your case, since it oiliness that's the problem, I think adding more moisture would just make it worse, and weigh your hair down even more. The powder shampoos might work on the roots, but the last thing you want is that dull, cakey, powdery look on the lengths of your bangs! Yuck.

    You should probably "listen" to what your hair is telling you and change your regimen a bit; either with a different cleansing schedule or different products. I totally understand how the idea of that could make you want to shave your head. It took me, literally, 2 years of 99% strict CG, plus another year of "ingredients experimentation" before I was able to narrow-down what my picky hair likes and doesn't like. (Even now it loves to boggle my brain).:hello2:
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    I have a chunk of hair that hangs in my face and seems to feel oily to me at the end of the day. I started getting better results when I spent more time rinsing my hair in the shower. For some reason I was missing that spot all the time. Also, I recently switched to a more moisturizing face wash and I think my face is gradually getting balanced and thus less of my forehead grease (ick) is affecting my hair. It's annoying, I totally understand. HTH!

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