I always take showers in the night, and I always plop overnight. I get really nice curls in the front, but my hair gets straight in the back. Is there any way to get rid of this? Plus I love to plop overnight. Does anyone else?? Do you have any plopping tips? Thanks!


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    I've also been plopping overnight recently as it saves a lot of time in the morning. I haven't had an issue with a specific section, but I do get the occasional wonky curl. To fix those, I will scrunch some more water and/or product into that section, and sometimes finger curl individual pieces.
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    Having the exact same problem. I'm plopping with a t-shirt.

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    I have the same problem with plopping in general, I'm hoping it'll get better when my hair gets longer (it almost brushes my shoulders now).
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    It's a function of plopping IMO, the back section of hair is not concertina'd like the canopy, but pulled down by gravity to lay straight-ish along the skull.

    The drier your hair when you come out of it the worse the issue is likely to be. Those with a stronger curl pattern may be able to dampen that section and the curls bounce back. My weak waves are a disaster zone tho.
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    My weak curls are on the sides of my head ironically. So I spritz my hair & apply some gel.
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    It sounds like it's related to your plopping technique. *All* of your hair should be scrunched up to your scalp at 90º. It takes some work to get the technique, and you definitely feel the need for an extra hand or two when you're trying to get the hang of it, but it can be done. It's easiest with a gel which has a lot of hold, which some people might call sticky (which will totally scrunch out, probably in your sleep).

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    I'm sorry, I'm a newbie… what's plopping? :shock:
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    I plop at night but I use flour sack towels that I buy from Wal Mart. If there are some weird curls, I spray with water and add a little conditioner.

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    You're probably more familiar with scrunching, which is cupping the ends of your hair in your palm, bringing your hand up to the roots, and giving the curl(s) that form when you do that a double squeeze. When you plop your hair, you scrunch it, and use a towel or T-shirt to hold the scrunched curls in place next to your scalp. Some people do this for ten minutes or more, to help get excess water out of their hair and help their curls start forming; then air-dry or diffuse their hair mostly dry (about 85-90%), then air-dry the rest of the way (to prevent over-drying their hair, which causes frizz). Some of us plop overnight, which is what I do, but I've been doing so long that I've learned to do it without the towel. I just lay a towel over my pillow, and scrunch my hair into place as I lay my head down.

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    Thank you for your tips! Does anyone know how to double plop? I read about it on a forum a while ago, but the person never went into detail about it.
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    Tripgirl3a wrote: »
    Thank you for your tips! Does anyone know how to double plop? I read about it on a forum a while ago, but the person never went into detail about it.

    In short, you apply your products and plop like normal. Take it off later, add additional product if needed, and re-plop.

    Here's a thread about it:
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    Thank you so much for the link!

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