When to deep condition?

I always apply my Deep conditioner after I get out the shower because I feel like on clean, freshly washed hair the cuticles won't be clogged with product (even if I didn't apply a lot last time) and it can be absorbed better. The problem is I always detangle before I apply so the application will run smoother. Well when I start detangling I can't stop. I just feel like I have to get every single knot out, then when a hour or so passes and it comes to rinse out the DC my hair gets tangled again:thumbdown:!

Is it easier for you guys to deep condition before or after you wash your hair?
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  • CloudNineCloudNine Posts: 79Registered Users
    I shampoo my hair, then rinse that out and apply the deep conditioner in six sections (two in front, four in back, because the back of my hair has much tighter curls than the front). After applying the deep conditioner to each section I two-strand twist the section and put it in a bantu knot.

    To detangle, just divide your hair into sections, apply conditioner to a section, run a wide-tooth comb through it (or quickly finger detangle) and move on to the next section. Any conditioner with good slip should make detangling a breeze. Detangling has never taken me more than a few minutes. You may not be putting enough conditioner in your hair, or your conditioner may not be slippery enough.

    While rinsing your conditioner out, run your fingers through your hair. After detangling, it should be easy to run your fingers through your hair while water is being poured onto it, and by doing so you're making sure your hair doesn't tangle back up.
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    I always deep condition after I wash. Similar to CloudNine, I just shampoo then section my hair into four parts, applying deep conditioner on each section and finger-detangling that section.

    I then put it up in a bun, stick a plastic bag on my head and leave it in for about thirty minutes or so. Then rinse out.

    It's a lot easier to deep condition on freshly washed and wet hair, IMO.
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