In need of some serious insight.. my ends are bushy and frizzy and I don't know why?

Hello natural sisters,

i have been natural for about 4 years but always, I mean ALWAYS, got it blow dried and flat ironed. Only recently, specifically two weeks ago, I started wearing it in its curly state. It has a nice texture, never gave me any issues, very manageable and the ends were behaved, smooth and springy. I did a wash and go on Saturday night. I teased it and wore it super big... it was cute.... but when I went to wash it yesterday it was a nightmare detangling...but to make it worse my ends on my right side are bushy... I have no idea what I did... I am scared i damaged my hair but not sure how... the only thing I did differently was I did not twist it after I washed it on Sat. I just let it air dry, I did a light blow dry for volume, and I didn't section it when I washed it yesterday. Other than that every product was the same... I hate seeing my bushy frizzy ends.. Any ideas what went wrong and if I can fix it?


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    I know if I tease or pick out my hair (I'm African American), my ends will be frizzy or bushy.. Also, if I don't smooth my leave in conditioner & styling product to my ends my hair will be frizzy. How hydrated is your hair? Dehydrated hair can result in bushy hair.
  • PrettycurlsPrettycurls Posts: 1,482Registered Users
    Were you rough when you teased the hair? Maybe the cuticle needs smoothing down?
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